France (FR)


    FR07: Miniature deck. Ca.1820. Price: € 150.00. Beautifully embellished deck, with “gold”. Size: 3,8 x 2,8 cm. 34 cards (missing: Jack of Clubs and 7 of hearts). Original small box. Very good condition, though naturally yellowed over time. (see Fournier I, France No.168, which has 52 cards)

  FR08: Jouy. Histoire Romaine. Ca.1805. Price: € 100.00. The cards are after 200 years naturally yellowed and with spots and miscolourings, and a few have their corners ripped off. They are mounted on thicker cardboard. 48 cards, complete, no box. (ref.: Cary FR306)  

FR11  FR11: Dusserre. Jean Verame. 1992. Price: € 50.00. Unused deck in box 52 + 2 jokers + cover card. Complete.

FR12 FR12: Vitrex. B.P.Grimaud. Price: € 8.00. Older deck with medical advertisement. Unused with original paper wrapper and in box.  

FR15  FR15: Cofalu. Kim’Play. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck in box. 2 jokers + score card.

FR17 FR16: Cercles. Price: € 30.00. I have not been able to identify the producer CERCLES, but the deck is from after 1890, probably 1905. Stencil-coloured. Water mark on all cards. Older and worn, but quite nice. Six of Spades is missing. No box. French tax mark on Ace of Clubs. 

FR17  FR17: Unknown. Ca.1880. Price: € 50.00. The producer looks like a deck from Lequart & Thuillier. Perhaps. It is stencil-coloured, with watermark on all cards, mention of the 1853-law on Jack of Clubs. No wrapper. Worn deck. Three cards have a break or dent, and the 5 of Diamonds is missing. White reverse.

    FR18: Mixed deck. Ca.1920. Price: € 5.00. Unused cards, no wrapper. Ace of Clubs and Diamonds are missing. Three different backs.

  FR19: Kofalu. Kim’s Play. Price: € 4.00. Unused deck in box. 2 jokers + bridge card.

  FR20: Toy Story 2. Holinail. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck in box. 2 jokers missing. Produced  in Taiwan.   

FR22  FR22: Grimaud. Le Jeu des Medecins. 1983. Price: € 25.00. Unused deck in box. 52 + 2 jokers ( a text card for Grimaud is “missing”)  

  FR23: Lukas Kandl. Impr. et Ed. par Pierre Chave a Vence. 1973. Price: € 120.00. This is no.X of XX from the copies hors commerce. Unused in wrapper. 52 + 2 jokers + signed text-card by the artist.

FR24: Dusserre. Jeu des Provinces de France. Price: € 8.00. Slightly used cards, in worn box. 52 + 2 +2 cards, complete.   

FR25  FR25: Unknown producer (to me). Price: € 10.00. 32 cards, complete. Much worn. Might be Belgian or ??

  FR26: B. P. Grimaud.  Genoa Pattern. Ca.1914. Price: € 6.00. ONLY the shown 12 cards. Yellowed and used, but OK.

  FR27: Tourel, Avignon. Ca.1910-20. Price: € 60.00. Used and a little dirty and yellowed, but with no breaks or bends. 32 cards, complete. No wrapper.  

FR29  FR29: Disneyland. 2000. Price: €15.00. Slightly used deck, with 2 jokers (there has been 3). Worn box.

FR30: Catel & Farcy, Paris. Napoleon. 1960. Price: € 25.00. Unused deck in plast box with a relief of Napoleon. 52 + 2 jokers + 2 cards.  

  FR31: B. P. Grimaud. Price: € 5.00. Patience cards 5,8 x 3,9 cm. Blue reverse: 5 court cards and 3 number cards. Red reverse: 4 court cards and 8 number cards. Very dirty. No box. 

FR33 FR33: Liberté. B. P. Grimaud. Price: € 15.00. Probably published just after WW2. The reverse is somewhat Art Deco. Sold from Papeterie Jouffroy in Passage Jouffroy, which still is an intersting location in i Paris. The deck has been viewed over the years, so the box is slightly worn. The paper wrapping has been opened. The cards have nice silvery corners. Two jokers and a blank.

  FR36: Securite. 7 Familles. Price: € 4.00. Unused deck in box. Printed by Carta Mundi.

FR37  SOLD FR37: Grimaud. Palmistry. Price: € 20.00. Only 46 of 56 cards. Old, but in fine condition. No wrapping.  

  FR40: Disney. Disneyland Resort. Paris. Price: € 15.00. Unused double deck in box. 2 jokers each.  

 FR42: Jeu du Musee de la Compagnie des Indes. Ca.1986. Price: € 5.00. Unused cards in box. Items from the museum on all court cards.  

    FR43: B. P. Grimaud. Ca.1890. Price: € 200.00. This is a very special deck. In the Cary Collection there is only the one of this pattern. (XP-6 – FRA144) with a plain back – while this deck has the Grimaud monograph. Used but absolutely a nice deck. Missing: 2 and 9 of Hearts. AND the Jack of Spades – on which the Grimaud name was printed, is replaced by a Jack of Clubs, where the Club is covered by a Spade! Actually quite extraordinary, because the former owner must have had two decks of this kind! 5,0 x 8,2 cm. 

FR45  FR45: Tiger. Price: € 3.00. Seemingly printed in China. Unused deck. No box. 2 jokers.       

  FR46: Monet. Piatnik No.1489. 2007. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in box with rifts from price tags. 52 cards only. All with Monet paintings. Extra card with information on Monet. 

  FR47: Grimaud. Jules Verne. Price: € 8.00. Unused deck in slightly used box. 52 cards+ 2 jokers, complete. Folded namelist. Special design of the four colours.  

FR50: Catel & Farcy, Paris. Ca.1910. Price: € 5.00Incomplete deck. Only 32 + 1 blank card. Of the court cards missing are Ace and Jack of Hearts, King of Clubs, plus Ace and Jack of Diamonds. Worn, torn and dirty cards.      

    FR53: B.P.Grimaud. Nouveau Jeu de la Main. Ca.1900. Price: € 250.00. Slightly used deck. 56 + 2 cards,complete. With the original wrapper.

FR54  FR54: La Ducale. Ca.1975. Price: € 8.00. Standard French pattern. Unused or slightly used. 52 + 2 jokers + scorecard. In plast box. 

FR56: JMS. Piquet. Price: € 2.00. Very used and dirty deck, in box, 32 cards complete.  

FR58: Jeu Dubout. Grimaud. 1987. Price: € 15.00. Joyful drawings by the artist Albert Dubout. 52 + 2 + 1 cards. Unused, in box.   

  FR59: Philibert. France Souvenirs. Price: € 25. unused or very slightly used. 52 + 2 jokers + text card. In original plast box. Photos on all cards.   

FR60  FR60: Disney. Le Journal de Mickey. Price: € 4.00. Unused deck. No box. 52 cards only. The court cards are similar.  

FR62  FR62: Grimaud. Back to the USSR. No.007701. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in box. 36 cards, complete

  SOLD FR70: Revolutionary deck. Dusserre. Repr.1977. Price: € 2.00. Reprint of a deck from 1793. 52 cards, in box, unused. Also produced for Air France. No jokers.

  FR71a: Paris. Price: € 4.00. Unused deck in plast box. 2 jokers. Printed in Hong Kong. FR71b: € 2.00. Similar deck. Unused. No box. 1 joker.

  FR72: Paris. Price: € 4.00. Unused deck in plast box. 1 joker and a dirty scoring card. Printed by Carta Mundi

  FR73: Paris. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck in plast box. 1 joker.  

  FR75: Paris. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck in plast box. No joker. Style and design by Polyne, Paris.

  FR76: Provence. Price: € 3.00.  Unused deck in box. 52 cards only, 2 jokers missing.

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