EJKA / Warburg (DKE)

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  warb2 SOLD DKE07: Luxus Bridgekort. Ca.1930. Prce: € 30.00. Printed in England. Design by Barbara McDonald. Very worn and dirty cards. Missing: Joker, Jack of Hearts and Jack of Diamonds. Really a ridiculous price for the deck, but it is extremely rare. I have only seen it EXPENSIVE on auction once, and EXPENSIVE for sale twice within the last 20 years. + 1 much worn Jack of Diamonds with red back.

    DKE08: Luxus Bridgekort. Ca.1930. Price: € 6.00. Printed in England. Design by Barbara McDonald. Very worn and dirty cards. ONLY THE 8 SHOWN CARDS. Rare.  

  SOLD DKE37: CX 1870-1935. 1935. Price: € 10.00. This beloved deck by EJKA/Warburg was published in 1935 at the 65th birthday of our King Christian X. Much worn in much worn original box with a loose lid. A joker + a blank. Complete.

DK38WA DKE38: Warburgs Bridge Kort. [No.1]. Price: € 20.00.  Printed in England. F rom the 30s. 52 cards, used. The box is torn along the edges.  

DK86 DKE48a: Warburgs L’Hombre-kort. No.9. Price: € 35.00. Printed in England. Late 30s. Sligthly used. Complete, in sligthly worn box. DK48b: Price: € 6.00. Used, with smudges and breaks. Jack of Clubs is missing. No box.

DK111 DKE50: Whist. Price: € 3.00. Worn, dirty and smudged cards, 52, with breaks and bends, worn box.

DSC00307 DKE59: Blue and Red. Ca.1926. Price: € 6.00/each. Two decks. INCOMPLETE. The blue deck misses the King of Diamonds. The red deck misses the nine and Ace of Hearts, 9-10 of Clubs. Worn/dirty cards. No box.

scan0002 DKE59a: Blue. Price: € 2.00. This deck is shamefully dirty – but also documenting, that in earlier times playing cards were not just discarded, even when heavily used. With joker, and blank.