EJKA / Warburg (DKE)

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DKE38  DKE38: Konvex. Bridgekort. -1949. Price: € 30.00. A Danish version of the Turun Linna deck from Finland, the castle of Aabo. Slightly used deck in worn box. The two jokers are missing.

DKE39  DKE39: Konvex. Bridgekort. -1949. Price: € 40.00. A Danish version of the Turun Linna deck from Finland, the castle of Aabo. Unused deck in worn box. Two jokers: The Lute Player and a blank.

DKE40  DKE40: 25years-Coronation deck. 1937. Price: € 6.00. Two decks, used and dirty, and with a break of one queen. One deck with 42 cards (incl. all court cards) and one deck with 44 cards + 2 jokers (missing court cards: Ace of Diamonds and Jack of clubs). Same pictures as the Birthday deck from 1935 (DK39). No box. 

DKE41a  DKE41b  DKE41: 25years-Coronation deck 1937. Price: € 120.00. Two mint decks, in totally worn box. With golden corners, and each with one joker and 2 blanks.

DKE42  DKE42: Warburgs Bridge kort. W.BK. No.2. 1930s. Price: € 50.00. Mint deck, yellowed, in used box. One joker. Made in Britain.

DKE43  SOLD DKE43: Standard pattern on the reverse. 1930s. Price: € 15.00. Somewhat used deck in used box. No serious flaws. 40 cards complete. “Prima English Fabrication”.

DKE44  DKE44: Standard pattern. 1930s. Price: € 1.00. Molested and dirty and broken cards. Queen of spades missing. No box.

DKE45  DKE45: Standard pattern. 1930s. Price: € 15.00. The interesting thing with this deck, is the box (with a broken lid)! It is from a “factory”, where they “shaved” used decks, to make them as good as new! Since we know, they have been shaven, we can see it, – but otherwise we would probably not notice it. 52 cards, used.

DKE46  DK46: 70th Birthday deck for the king. 1935. Price: € 10.00. The Red deck has 45 cards (missing a joker, the Ace of Diamond + 7 number cards). The Blue deck has 44 cards (missing both jokers, King of Spades, and 10 number cards). Alle cards are used, som have glue on them, some have bends. No box.

DK48  SOLD DKE48: Warburgs L’Hombre-kort. No.9. Price: € 6.00. Printed in England. Late 30s. Used, with smudges and breaks. Jack of Clubs is missing. No box.

DK111 DKE50: Whist. Price: € 3.00. Worn, dirty and smudged cards, 52, with breaks and bends, worn box.

DKE51  DKE51: Warburgs Danske. Price: € 4.00. Two single cards. Have been inserted in a full deck to show, that they were a Danish product.      

DKE53  DKE53: Skandinaviske Bridge Kort. W.B.K.No.11. Ca.1926. Price: € 8.00. This is the less common version with WHITE faces. Much used and dirty deck, with breaks and bends bends. 52 + 2 jokers, one British from Goodall, and one blank. In worn box with no lid.

DKE54  DKE54: Skandinavisk L’Hombre Kort. W.B.K. No.19. Price: €30.00. Little used deck, very nice, with traces of the golden corners. 40 cards, complete, in nice box. Printed in England.

DKE55  DKE55: Skandinavisk L’Hombre Kort. W.B.K. No.19. Price: €25.00. Used deck, but still very nice, with traces of the golden corners. 40 cards, complete, in slightly worn box. Printed in England.

DKE56  DKE56: Lhombre [No.21]. 1930s. Price: € 1.00. Dirty and much deck with many breaks and bends. No box. 40 cards.

DSC00307 DKE59: Blue and Red. Ca.1926. Price: € 6.00/each. Two decks. INCOMPLETE. The blue deck misses the King of Diamonds. The red deck misses the nine and Ace of Hearts, 9-10 of Clubs. Worn/dirty cards. No box.

scan0002 DKE59a: Blue. Price: € 2.00. This deck is shamefully dirty – but also documenting, that in earlier times playing cards were not just discarded, even when heavily used. With joker, and blank.