Østrig (OS) / Austria

  OS11: Piatnik, Kaiserstrasse 56. Ladies Cards. Ca. 1881-90. Price: € 120.00. Somewhat used = smudged and blackened, but no breaks or bends. Visibly used on the back. 52 cards, complete. No box. Size: 7,1 x 4,6 cm.

  OS12: Karl Korab Kartenspiel. Ca.1973. Price: € 60.00. Unused deck. No box. 52 cards + 3 jokers + textcard. Reverse: Blue and orange stripes.

  FR38a  FR38 OS13: Monet Gallery. Price: € 60.00. Patience decks 6,5 x 4,5 cam. Unopened decks in original box.

DSC06197   DSC06198  OS14: SAGA. Price: € 2.00. Two decks in double box, but only with 40 cards, as they have been used for Lhombre. Worn cards (NOT the shown decks). 

  OS15: Kaiserkarte. Price: € 3.00. Unused double deck in plast box. The deck misses 8 of Diamonds and 7 of Hearts. Red deck with two jokers, blue deck with three.

DSC07927 OS16: The Da Vinci Code. Price: € 4.00. In unbroken wrapping and box. Pictures in relation to the book/movie on all cards.

dsc02463 dsc02462 OS17a: Piatnik. Doppeldeutsche. Nr.64a. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in worn box. On the box it says 32 cards, – but there are 36! With a linen structure. OS17b: Nr.183K. Price: € 3.00. Slightly used deck, in box, with an extra card. A bit small than OS17a

ØS17 OS18: Der das Glück hat führt die Braut nach Hause. Price: € 5.00. Reprint of an old deck. Unused, in box.   

    OS19: Renæssance. Price: € 3.00. Unused double deck in plast box. 2 x 2 jokers.

  OS20: Piatnik. Bosch. 1992. Price: € 1.00. A detail from a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Heaven and Hell. Worn deck, no box, two jokers.

  RESERVERET OS21: Piatnik. Superb. Giant Index. No.2495. Pris:Kr.25.00. Unused double deck in box. 2 x 52 + 2 + 1 cards.

  OS22: Piatnik. 1973-. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck with golden corners, 1 joker, in plast box with broken lid. See also OS52

DSC01249 OS23: Russian. Piatnik No.1132. 1994. Price: € 5.00. A deck with Russian symbols and pictures. Complete with 36 cards. Unused in box. There is writing on the lid.

Melange RESERVERET OS24: Vienna Melange. Piatnik. No.211447. Pris: Kr.60.00. A pretty deck, where the court cards look like Russian rulers. 52 cards, unused, no box.

scan_20170117-2 OS25a: Piatnik. 1991. Price: € 2.00. The deck is much worn with rifts and discolourings, BUT it is with French pips, which is unusual in Denmark. Double deck in worn double box. 2 x three jokers + some extra cards from a similar deck.

 OS25b: Piatnik. Ca.1970. Price: € 1.00. Much worn and dirty.Three jokers. No box. A, K, Q, J pips.

ØS26  OS26a: Piatnik, Marca Registrada. Poker. No.918. Price: € 4.00.  52 cards, complete, nice box. Unused. Compare OS26b #

 OS26b: Large Index. Trade Mark. No.1418. 1980. Price: € 4.00. 52 + 3 cards, complete, unused in box. The difference from OS26a is, that the central area is yellow on all cards.

  OS27: Piatnik. Jubilee Whist. L’Hombre, No.105. Ca.1925. Price: € 40.00. Used and dirty deck, but with no bends or breaks. 40 cards, complete. No box. With Danish tax stamp post 1918.

scan_20170117-4OS28a: Piatnik. Roses. 1980. Price: € 2. Used double deck in double box. With bends and rifts here and there. 2 x 2 jokers.

OS28b: Piatnik. Flowers. 1996. Pris: € 2. Used deck, with no breaks or bends. 52 cards. No joker. No box.

  RESERVERET OS29: Piatnik. Blue Deck. Design: Josef Schüller. 1962/65. Price: € 25.00. Mint. 52 + 3 jokers, complete, no box.

scan0001 OS30a: Wilhelm Tell. Price: € 5.00. Older Austrian deck with nice pictures of the four seasons. Slightly used. 36 + 1 cards, complete, no box.

  OS30b: Extra 33. Wilhelm Tell. Ca.1980. Price: € 4.00. Complete with 33 unused cards, in slightly worn box.

scan0007 OS31a: Zigeuner Wahrsage-Karten. Piatnik. Price: € 5.00. Fortune deck with interesting illustrations. Six languages.

OS31b: Zieguner-Wahrsagekarten. Nr.1. Ca.1964. Price: € 5.00. 36 cards, unused, in box. German, English, Croatian,  and Italian.  

  OS33: Kaffeehaus Doppel-Deutsche. No.46a. Repr.1960. Price: € 5.00. Reprint, unused, with original paper wrapping.

OS34: Piatnik. No.2869. Deutsche Karten aus Rusland. Repr.1992. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in box, 36 cards, complete. Seemingly dirty, but that must have been the original.

  OS35: Piatnik??? Price: € 4.00.  It says Piatnik onthe Ace of Hearts and Ace of Spades, and it is Piatnik jokers. But is looks like a pirate edition. Simple material and print. No box. Unused.

  OS36: Schweiz. Petits Metamorphoses. 1980. Price: € 10.00. Reprint of an older game, where head, body and feet are mixed in a “funny” way. Unused cards on special box.

    OS37: Cashmere. Bernhard Altmann. 1950. Price: € 80.00.Formidable deck. 52 cards, complete + 2 jokers. No box. Unused.

DSC09782 DSC09783 DSC09784 OS39: Piatnik. Nr.232. 55 Blatt. Sehr Feine Bridge Poker Whist. Price: € 5.00 /each. 1973. In unopened plastic and nice boxes.   

    OS42: Piatnik. Arnold Schoenberg. By Nuria Schoenberg-Nono. 1981. Price: € 30.00. Unused deck in original box. Booklet.

OS43: 55 Impressionist Masterpieces. No.1122. Price: € 3.00. 52 cards in box. Paintings on all cards. NO JOKERS

 OS44: Impressionist Portraits. 1997. Price: € 6.00. Unused cards in unbroken plast, in box. Paintings on all courts and the two jokers, leaflet.

OS45: Parrots. Price: € 2.00. Double deck in box. All used/worn, 2 x 52 cards.

  OS46: Fax Fad. 1976/1982. Price: € 3.00.  Two decks advertising for the Faxe Fad Beer. One deck in box with three jokers, one deck without box and no jokers. Both decks are used.  

  OS47: Piatnik. Soldier. 1995. Price: € 1.00. Used deck. No box. Two jokers and a text card. Standard pictures.

  OS50: Fantomet. 1980. Price: € 1.00. Unused deck, no box, 2 jokers,  missing Jacks of Spades, Hearts and Diamonds + 2 of Diamonds

  OS51: Rococco. Patience. 1930erne. Price: € 2.00. Worn deck for patience. 52 cards. No box.

  OS52: Den Spanske Rideskole. Ca.1960. Price: € 5.00. The Spanish School. Used deck. 52 cards. No box. See also OS22

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