Bøger / Books

Hvis det skønnes nødvendig, så bed om yderligere beskrivelse. – If needed, then ask for a closer description. And postage prices.

 BO10: A Catalogue of the Cary Collection of Playing Cards in the Yale University Library. By William B. Keller. Bd.I-IV. 1981. Price: € 250,00. Slightly used, which means = in good condition.

 BO11: Sylvia Mann: Alle Karten auf den Tisch – All cards on the Table. I-II. 1990. Price: € 40.00. Seem unused.

BO12: Franz Braun: Die Spielkarten in der DDR, 1945-1988. Schriftenreihe Spielkarten, Bd.2. 1989. Price: € 20.00The first edition. With added title on the spine, and several X’s in the margins.  

    BO13:BP.  Bridge Nøgle. 11.ed. Price: € 3.00. Older booklet with bridge rules and conventions. 35 pages. With Dondorf decoration in the end of it. Slightly used.

   BO14: Tyrol. 1992/93. Price: € 1.00. Peter Blaas: “Kartenspielen in Alt-Tirol. Über Kartenspiele, Spielkarten und Kartenmacher” // “Card Games, Playing Cards and Card Makers in the old Tyrol.” Pp 43-53 // 54-62. 

BO15: J. R. S. Whiting: A Handful of History. (Alan Sutton. 1978. 201 pp) Price: € 10.00. Unused, bound book, telling about the historical British decks, such as The Spanish Armada, The Popish Plot, The South Sea Bubble. etc.

BO16: Detlef Hoffmann: The Playing Card. An Illustrated History. 1973. Price: € 30.00. Unused.  

  BO17: Wilfried Kaschel: Preislisten und andere Papiere der Vereinigten Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken A.G. Stralsund. (1872 bis 1931). 2008. Price: € 4.00. Sonderdruck aus Das Blatt. Nr.38, p.38-70.

BO18: Peter Weise: Rund um die Spielkarte. 1986. Price: € 20.00. Unused, with the original cover.

  BO19: Pierre Albarran: La Psychologie du Bridge. 1950s. Price: € 5.00. 23 pages. Yellowed. Back cover sligthly torn. 13 x 9 cm.

BO20: Antal Jánoska und Franz Braun: Die Spielkartenfabrik Piatnik in Budapest und ihre Nachfolger. Schriftenreihe Spielkarten, Bd.5. 1993. Price: € 10.00With added title on the spine. Appears almost unused. 

BO21: Zsoldos Benö: A Játékkártya és története (Budapest 1980) Price: € 4.00128 pages, unused.

BO22: Uwe-Volker Segeth: Spielkarten.1986. Price: € 20.00. Slightly used.

BO23: J. V. V. Hermansen: Spillekort 1350-1950. 1950. 51 pp. Price: € 6.00. The first (!) Danish book on the history of playing cards. Slightly used, yellowed.

BO24: Max Geisberg: Alte Spielkarten. 1973. 311 pp. Price: € 10.00Only slightly used.  

  BO25: Hanafuda. The Flower Card Game. Japan Publications.1970. Price: € 15.00. Slightly used book.94 pp. Hardcover.

BO26: Catherine Perry Hargrave: A History of Playing Cards and a Bibliography of Crds and Gaming. 1966.  462 pp. Price: € 7.00. Yellowed and olnly slightly used.

BO27: Ali Jerremalm, Inga Lundström, Ian Wiséhn: Trumf på hand. En historia om svenska spelkort. 1993. 64 pp. Price: € 10.00. Gives a good overview of the Swedish playing cards. Almost unused.  

BO28: Twenty Years of Tarot: The Lo Scarabeo Story. 1987-2007. 127 pages. 33 x 24 cm. Unused. Price: € 7.00   

  BO30: Trevor Denning: Spanish Playing Cards. 1980. 94 pp. Price: € 10.00. Slightly used. 29,5 x 21,5 cm.

  BO31: Friedrich Schlager: Das badische Nationalspiel “Zego” und die andern in Baden und an Badens Grenzen volksübliche Kartenspiels (s.293-307). – Kurt Bachmann: Zur Entwicklung der Spielkarten und der Kartenspiele und deren Beziehungen zur Skatstadt Altenburg (pp.308-373). Two copied articles from Festschrift für Ernst Ochs zum 60. Geburtstag. (1951). Price: € 2.00

BO32: Berend Mihály: Kártyalexikon. Budapest. 1993. 444 pp.  Price: € 10.00. Unused, bound.

BO33: Howard S. Levy: Japan’s Best Loved Poetry Classic: Hyakunin Isshu (South Pasadena, 1976). 1.ed., No 82 of 300 numbered copies. Price: € 20.00

  BO34: Detlef Hoffmann: Altdeutsche Spielkarten 1500-1650. 1993. 336 pp. Price: € 20.00. Slightly used. 27 x 22 cm.

BO35:_ Virginia Wayland: Apache Playing Cards from the Wayland Collection. 1972. 10 pages. Price: € 1.00

BO36: Naipes Británicos y su influencia internacional (Madrid. Fundacion NatWest. 1993). Price: € 20.00. Unbound. Unused. 126 pages.  

BO38: Abondance in strips / Strips en speelkarten. Turnhout 1993-94. 66 pp. 29,5 x 21,0 cm. Price: € 5.00. Exhibition Catalogue. 

 BO40: The Journal of thhibition catalogue.e Playing-Card Society. Vol.1, no-1-4, 1973, Vol.2, no.1, 1973. Price: € 10.00The first four issues have been collected in a cover (as shown) 

BO42: John Berry: TransformationCards. A historical survey. 16 pp. Price: € 1.00

  BO43: Chr. Achen: Poker. Regler og vink for begyndere. 3.opl. 25 pages, 12,5 x 9,7 cm. 1926 . Price: € 3.00Worn. Beginner’s book on Poker.

BO44: Josefina Artayeta de Viel: Canasta. De officielle regler og spillet Canasta. 31 s. 19 x 13 cm. 1950. Price: € 2.00. Nice appearance. Official rules of Canasta

BO45: Faksimiledruck eines Kartenspiels mit deutschen Farben. Museum für Deutsche Volkskunde. 1977. Price: € 4.00Four plates of a deck by C. T. Sutor. Leaflet by Theodor Kohlmann.

  BO46: Max Merz: Die Patience. Berlin 1886. 63 pages. Price: € 8.00. Yellowed. Seems unused. Signature on front page.

  BO47: S. Ulmann: Illustriertes Wiener Tarokbuch. 1920. 184 pages. Price: € 10.00. Yellowed. Loose binding.

BO50: Lady Adelaide Cadogan: Illustrated Games of Patience. 48 pages. 1968. Price: € 10.00. Bound edition. Yellowed, but in very fine condition.

  BO51: A Supplement to the Catalogue of the Cary Collection of Playing Cards: Preliminary Descriptions. Pp.46-98. 1990. Price: € 4.00

BO52: Czernewitz, Alfred: Franz Braun. Zaubereien mit Pfiff – ohne Pfiff. 1993. 108 pp. Price: € 6.00

  BO53: Borvo, Alain: Anatomie d’un Jeu de Cartes. L’Aluette ou le Jeu de Vache. 82 pp. 1977. Price: € 6.00

BO54: Thorpe, John G.: The Playing Cards of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards. 63 pp. 1980. Price: € 5.00     

  BO55: Nathorst-Böös, Ernst: Allmänna Spelpenningar. Price: € 2.00. Copy from Nordisk Numismatisk Årsskrift 1954, pp.87-108 + 6 plates.

  BO56: Irja Sahlberg: Åbo Kortfabrik. Price: € 1.00. Copy from Åbo Stads Historiska Museum. Årsskrift 19, 1955. Pp.29-42. #

  BO57: Französische Spielkarten des XX.Jahrhunderts. Deutsches Spielkarten Museum.Katalog. 1966-67. Prise: € 5.00. 64 pages.

  BO58: Chapter XIX: Playing Cards as a Factor in the Westward Movement of Printing. Photocopy. 15 pages. 1925. Price: € 1.00

  BO59: Dasha Avatar. Repr. 1996. Price: € 2.00. 87 pages.

  BO60: Wayland, Virginia: The Indian looks at the White Man. Pp 15-24 in Expedition. The Magazine of Archaeology/Anthropology. 1972. Price: € 2.00    

  BO63: Michael Dummett and Kamal Abu-Deeb: Some Remarks on Mamluk Playing Cards. 19673. pp 106-128. Copy. Price: € 2.00

  BO66: A Note on Ganjappa. Price: € 1.00. Four small prints on the game.

  BO68: G. P. Gerlinger: Cartes a jouer en philatelie. Repertoire. Price: € 3.00. Pamphlet of 16 pages.

  BO69: L.  A. Mayer: Mamluk Playing Cards. 1939. Price: € 1.00. Photocopy of an article from 1939, 11 pages.

  BO70: Politiek op de Kaarttafel. Turnhout. 1992. 72 pages. Price: € 4.00

  BO71: Martin Shaw: C. L.Wüst. Theilungs-Recess. 2005. 28 pages. Price: € 2.00

  BO72: Wilfried Kaschel: Mecklenburger Geschichte auf Spielkarten. 1994. 34 pages. Price: € 3.00

  BO73: Der Alte. Nr.3/1999. Jahresschrift des Schloss- und Speilkartebnmuseum, Altenburg. 52 pages. Price: € 3.00

  BO74: Der Alte. Nr.9/2005. Jahresschrift des Schloss- und Speilkartebnmuseum, Altenburg. 44 pages. Price: € 2.00

  BO75:  Kinderkaarten Turnhout 1990. 32 pages. Price: € 2.00

  BO76:Kunst in de Hand. Kaarten als Speelgoed en Kijkstuk. Turnhout. 1984. 40 pages. Price: € 2.00

  BO77: Filip Cremers: The benefits of Whist. Memorial Lecture. 1988. Issy-le-Moulineaux. 25 pages. Price: € 2.00

  BO78: Eberhard Pinder: Zur Geschichte der Europäischen Spielkarten. Sonderdruck. Graphis. 1955. pp.242-258. Price:€ 1.00

  BO79: Rudolf von Leyden. Chad. The Playing Cards of Mysore. 1973. 32 pages and 23 plates. Price: € 4.00  

  BO81: Rudolf von Leyden: Indische Spielkarten. Inventar des indischen Sammlung des Deutschen Spielkarten-Museum. Leinfelden-Echterdingen. 1977. 155 pp.Price: € 6.00

  BO82: Rudolf von Leyden: Die Welt der IndischenSpielkarten. Wien 1981. 160pp. Price: € 15.00