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     SN10a: Camphio. Boman, Mäster Samuelsgränd N.41, 1855-67. Price: € 100.00. 42 kort. + an extra bouquet card. SN10b: € 90.00. There is an extra 10-card but an 8-card is missing. Both decks are only used a little, but all cards are faded and with bigger and smaller discolouring, probably caused by moist.

 SN11: Ca.1900. Price: € 40.00. 39 cards. Harlequin, House and Flowers each miss a card. Five cards with blue reverse. Yellowed cards and some with patches.  

  SN12: A. Boman. Stockholm. 1876-1890. Price: €220.00. The version with the blue contours. 52 cards, used, without breaks or bends, but here and there a bit dirty of usage. All court cards are very nice. No wrapper.

SN13: Chartophilia Sueciae. Price: € 15.00. A deck with the name og members on all cards. Unopened, in box.

  SN14: Offason. Ca.2015. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck, 52 + 2. Nobox.

    SN15: Jane Bark. 1960s. Price: € 90.00. 52 + 2 cards, unused, in original wrapper. For many years this has been my most beloved modern Danish deck. Elegant. BUT BUT now I have found a deck more, and have discovered, that it is Swedish! Designed by the well known illustrator Jane Barks (*1931). It is still a beautiful deck, – but I only collect Danish decks.  

  SN17: Chartophilia Sueciæ. 1994. Price: € 10.00. A separate edition with member-names on all cards. 52 + 3 cards, complete, in box. Unused.

SV18 SN18: Öbergs Spelkort. 1962. Price: € 4.00. Used deck in box, no lid. 2nd grade quality.  

    SN19: Offasson. Price: € 5.00. Unopened deck. No box.

    SN20: Gallerit. Kortlek. 1982. Price: € 40.00. This deck is a deck-of-card-version of an exhibition in Stockholm Nov.-Dec.1982. Different artists. With the artists name discreetly printed on the reverse. Mint deck, in original plast box. 52 + joker + textcard

    SN21: Norway. Emil Moestue. Patience. 1950s? Price: € 5.00. A double deck of patience in a plastic holder, that also contains more than 20 instruction sheets for different games of patience. The cards are EXTREMELY dirty and used. Two unused blank cards.

 SN22: Offason. Kille. Faksimile til Chartophilia Sueciæ. 1995. Price: € 25.00. Special production to the Swedish Society with member-names on all cards. Square corners, 42 + 1 + leaflet. Unused in box.

SV23a   SV23b  SN23: Boman, Kamfio, 1885-92. Price: € 130.00. 42 cards,complete, seemingly unused. No box.  

SV26 SN26: Öberg. Prima Camfio-kort. No.368. Price: € 4.00. Worn deck with breaks and rifts. In a wrong box, nr.363.

SV27 SN27: Öberg. Prima Camfio-kort. No.368. Price: € 2.00. 18 singles, almost unused, no box.    

SV19 SN29: Spelet om Sveriges Städer. Price: € 10.00. Complete deck in sligthly worn box. The cards seem unused. Instruction sheet. 

  SN31: Lithografiska AB, Norrköping, Camphio. 1900. Price: € 40.00. A Harlequin is missing. 41 cards, used, but nice enough. No box. 

  SN35: Killekort. Price: € 5.00. Not full decks. Left: 11 courts and 13 number cards. Middle: 8 courts and 14 number cards. Right: 1 court card and one number card.   

  SN38: Piatnik. Norge. Kongepaladset. 1983. Price: € 3.00. Slightly used deck in plast box. 3 jokers.

games-of-gods SN39: Stavanger. The Game of the Gods. Ca.1990. Price: € 15.00.  Published by the Archaeological Museum, with Nordic gods as motifs, and with special motifs on all cards. Two jokers + 1 text card. Unused in sligthtly smudged box. See also SN40

  SN40: Stavanger. Gudespillet / The Game of the Gods. Ca.1990. Price: € 25.00. Two unused decks in double plast box. The only difference is the Norwegian/English name on the boxes. See also SN39   

      SN42: Granberg. Design Einar Nerman. Ca.1924. Price: € 120.00. Rare deck in art deco style. 52 cards, no joker. Worn and yellowed. Three cards have small dents. Otherwise all OK. No box.

    SN44: Gefle Fabrik. Ca.1850. Price: € 150.00. The oldest Kille deck with indices. Factory and tax stamp. 40 cards, complete. Very dirty and worn.’ Decks with breaks are shown.      

    SN47: Hylteberga Galleri. En Lek med 54 Konstnärer. 1994. Price: € 25.00. Artwork on all cards. Unused double deck in box 2 x 52 + jokers. AND a leaflet of 140 pages telling about all the artists.

  SN48: Comedia. Öberg & Son. Ass, Leinfelden. Design Stig Lindberg. Price: € 30.00. This is the SKAT version with 32 cards, – in a plastic “book”. Unused. 

  SN49: Öberg. Price: € 1.00. Standard picture. Used deck, no box. Missing: 2 of Hearts, 6 of Clubs and Ace of Spades. Size: 9,0 x 5,8 cm.

  SN50: Öberg. Price: € 3.00. Standard picture. Slightly used, three jokers, in worn box. Size: 8,6 x 5,7 cm.

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