Salomon og Holmblad (DKS)


   DKS10: Tarok. Version 2 (Queen of Spades is the different one). L. P. Holmblad. 1852-61. Price: € 50.00. Square corners. Incomplete deck. There are the 9 shown court cards + 2 aces, and the picture cards I-III, V, IX-XVI, XVIII-XXI + 27 number cards. Yellowed but in good condition. No box.

DKS11: Tarok. Version 2 (Card II is the different card). L. P. Holmblad. 1852-61. Price: € 60.00. Square cornersIncomplete deck. There are the picture cards I-XVI  + the tambour-player (defect)

  DKS12: Tarok. Version 2 (Card II is different). L. P. Holmblad. 1852-61. Price: € 200.00.  Square corners. 78 cards complete, but the picture cards nos.2-21 are with a red reverse, while the rest are with a blue reverse. Used cards, but no breaks or bends. No wrapper.

DKS13: Tarok. No.108. S. Salomon & Co. Før/before 1905. Price: € 4.00. Incomplete deck. Only the shown cards + 17 number-cards. Slightly used.

  DKS14: Tarok. No.108. S. Salomon & Co. Before 1905. Price: € 20.00. Incomplete deck with the 12 shown court cards, plus picture cards nos. 1-3, 5-10, 12-21,- and 18 number cards. It seems as if two decks are mixed.      

  SOLD  DKS15: Patience. No.42. Ca.1900-1910. Price: € 50.00. Used and dirty deck. Ace of Hearts is missing. No box. But still: Rare. 5,8 x 4,0 cm.   

  SOLD DKS16: Whist & Bridge. No.96. 1990s. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in box. 2 jokers.

  DKS17: Patience. Ca.1930. Price: € 8.00. Much used deck, with smudges and bends. Size: 6,8 x 4,3 cm. Ace of Diamonds and Queen of Clubs missing. Only 21 number-cards. No box.

  DKS18: Patience. Ca.1920. Price: € 3.00. I think this is the first deck ever, where I virtually could punch it for dust!! Very dirty and used. BUT: 100 years old. 52 cards + 2 jokers.

DKS19  DKS19: Patience. No.56. Price: € 5.00.  Probably printed by Genechten. Slightly used. 2 cards are maimed (shown) in box. Size: 6,4 x 4,3 cm.

DKS20  DKS20: Doll size. Ca.1925. Price: € 10.00. Probably printed by Genechten. Size: 4,4 x 2,9 cm. Used and yellowed deck, 52 cards complete. Totally worn box.

DKS21  DKS21: L’Hombre. No.106. 1920s. Price: € 15.00. Used deck, 40 cards, complete. In very broken box. This is with a small variation, i.e. the cross of the King of Clubs is red.

SOLD  DKS22: Whist & Bridge. No.114. Ca. 1930-40. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck with golden corners. Torn box with no lid. Printed by Waddington

  DKS23: Whist & Bridge: No.114. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in box. 2 jokers, complete. Printed by Coeur, East Germany.  

DKS26: Coeur. Price: € 2.00. Advertising deck. Used but not worn. 52 cards, no box.    

DK29 DKS29: Club-Kort, L’Hombre, No.101. Price: € 40.00. Red. Lhombre,  from 1920, printed by Wüst. Complete with 40 cards. Very much used, and the red colour from the reverse has come off on the the neighbouring cards – probably because the were wet at one time. No box. 

DKS30: Ca.1910-20. Price: € 4.00. Twelve single cards. The six court cards shown + 2 aces + 2 number-cards. All VERY much worn and torn.   

DKS31  DKS31: L. P. Holmblad. Ca.1880. Price: € 160.00. Slightly used deck, with golden corners. Yellowed. No paper wrapping. Nice tax stamp ca.1880.

DSC06733 DKS44: Version No.96.Ca.1920-30. Price: € 3.00. Much worn and dirty, with breaks and bends in corners. Four of Hearts is missing. No box.     

  DKS52: Ca.1910. Price: € 70.00. This very rare early deck comes directly from the factory, through a late descendant of the family. It has never been sold/used. Corners are chipped off to mark them as “not for sale”. ONLY 35 cards! King of Clubs, Jack of Hearts and 15 number-cards are missing. No box. 

holmbuko DKS75: Holmblad. Ca.1920. Price: € 20.00This is an unusual deck, BECAUSE it has black pips on the red suits, but not on the other cards. The most common of this deck is black on black and red on red. It also comes in two variations, i.e. with white faces, as here, and with coloured faces. Used cards, but fairly nice. In all 24 cards (Court cards and 6-7s) probably taken from a full 52-deck.       

DK99 DKS100: Ca.1915. Price: € 4.00. Three singles. Probably printed by Genechten, Belgium. Clean and unused. Quite rare.

DK101 DKS101: Ca.1912-20. Price: € 4.00.  Nine singles. 8 courtcards + five of clubs. Vey dirty and worn. But rare! 

salbla1 salbla2 DKS120:  Tarok. Ca.1918. Price: € 100.00. Blå ryg. Kom første gang ca.1905. Version med  jugendstilmønster på ryggen, og versionen med modstillet Salomon – Holmblad på klør knægt. Godt brugt spil, uden at være dårligt, men man kan se sliddet på kortenes midte. Ingen væsentlige buk eller bræk. Kortene ser mere slidt ud, end de er. Det skyldes, at de er trykt på gulligt karton (jeg har selv en anden version, som er trykt på hvidere karton). Fire kort er netop erstattet af kort fra et “hvidt” sæt, bl.a. hjerter dame. Ingen æske. Toldstempler på ruder es, – et grønt, der angiver perioden efter 1918, og MÅSKE et tidligere dansk? (Eller måske et australsk ??? – for spillet har været i Australien de sidste 100 år). Sjældent spil. Blue reverse. Version with Jugend-style design on the reverse, and the version with opposite Salomon – Holmblad on the Jack of Clubs. Well used deck, without being poor, but one can see the usage in the middle of the cards. No serious bends or breaks. The cards look more used, than they are. It is because they are printed on yellowish cardboard (I have a similar version printed on whiter background). Four cards are replaced from a “white” deck, among them the Queen of Hearts. No box. Tax stamps on the Ace of Diamonds (One Danish, green after 1918 and another perhaps earlier – or perhaps an Australian ??? – because the deck has been in Ausralia for the last 100 years). Rare deck.

    SOLD DKS121: Tarok. Ca.1918. Pris: Kr.600.00.  Same deck as DKS120 and DKS122. A little more worn, a single card has a non-serious bend in a corner.