Paraphernalia (PA)

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    PA09: Every-Player Your-Partner System Tallies. Charles S. Clark, N.Y. 1928. Price: € 30.00. Delightful set of 12 tallies in original box, with instructions. Unused.
PA10: Four wooden containers. Price: € 10.00. Meant for jetons, or?
PA11: Wooden “container”. Price: € 8.00.
DSC00561 PA12: Four glass trays. Price: € 10.00. In original box, probably from the 40s-50s. For cigarettes – or candy?
PA14  PA14: Eraser / Radér Plast. Price: € 10.00. Size: 9 x 6 x 1 cm.
  PA15:  Cecchi & Figlio, Firenze. Scoreboard. Price: € 3.00. Ponte di Rialto, Venezia. The bottom, leather, is 21×10 cm, the “envelope” into which the scoreboard fits, is loose.
PA16  PA16: Card case. Made in England. Price: € 2.00. “Simulated Leather”. For two decks. Ripped along the lock. 14×11 cm.
  PA17: Keyring. Price: € 2.00. The cards are 3,6 x 2,6 cm
DSC01620DSC01621 PA18: Ashtray. Price: € 5.00. Beyer & Bock. ca.1904-17.
DSC00570PA19: Score-card. Price: € 10.00. Elegant art-deco-folder for bridge + Two score-cards with advertisement for Arthur F. Heering.
PA20  PA20: Wooden Box. Price: € 5.00. Box for two decks of cards. Size: 15,5 x 11,5 x 3,5 cm. Very nice, in fine condition.
    PA21: Lhombre box. 19x12x5 cm. Price: € 20.00Lacquer cardbox with old bone jetons. Beautiful insects on the lid. No key. Blemishes here and there.
  PA22: Trumpf. Hetterer. Price: € 3.00. Two beer-labels.
  PA23: Full House. McIntyre’s. Price: € 3.00. Two whisky-labels.
      PA24: Rubik’s Qube. Arxon. 1980. Price: € 20.00. With playing card symbols. Sligthly used.
  PA25: Ashtrays. Price: € 20.00. Four porcelain ashtrays. 7 x7 cm.
  PA26: India. Keychain. Price: € 4.00. Wood: 4,7 x 5,2 cm. Keychain with an Indian playing card.
PA271  PA272  PA27a: Trump-Marker. Price: € 10.00. This is the most silly trump marker, I have ever seen. It almost makes one love it!! 6,0 x 5,0 x 4,5 cm.
PA47  PA27b: Trump-Marker. Price: € 5.00. 
DSC05394 PA28: Kabalebog. Price: € 5.00. Patience leaflet from the Insurance Copany Skandinavia. Perhaps from the 30s. 16 page, 9½ x 7 cm.
    PA29: Slab. Price: € 5.00. Size: 11,5 x 8,0 cm. Plastic or bone slab with inlaid card colours.
PA30aPA30b  PA30: Minton. Plate. Price: € 30.00. Size  21,5 x 21,5 cm. Minton was until 1968 a leading ceramic factory. The plate is of course a bit worn. It has a very small chip on the bottom side of the edge.
PA31a  PA31b  PA31: Card-holder. Price: € 20.00. This is not gold, – but golden. Interesting and beautifully designed. Size: 9 x 7 cm.
    PA32: Susice Solo. Matchboxes from the Czech Republic. Price: € 3.00. Three boxes, slightly used, with some matches. Size: 6,3 x 3,6 cm
DSC01623 PA33: Discs bluish green. Bakelite. Price: € 3.00  Three discs for jetons. early material, perhaps bakelite. 10,4 cm in diameter.
  PA34: Matchbox from S.E.I.T.A. (Société d’exploitation industrielle des tabacs et des allumettes). Price: € 4.00. This company existed until 1999. Used box, 11 x 7,3 cm. Matches of normal size.
PA35: Colour-indicator. Price: € 8.00. Antique indicator of the bidden colour in bridge.
PA36a  PA36b  PA36: Card Box. Prize: € 20.00. This intricately designed box weighs only 65 gram. Made by same kind of wood as cigar-boxes. Size: 14,5 x 10,2 x 3,0. Standing on four small half-round legs.
PA37a  PA37b  PA37: Card-box. Metal. Price: € 30.00. Room for two decks. Opens with a lid. Size: 10,5 x 7,0 x 5,5 cm.
PA38  PA38: Lacquer-boxes. Price: € 8.00. Two small boxes. Size: 7 x 5 x 4½ cm. Worn. With white jetons.
PA39: Four lacquer trays. Price: € 10.00Four old lacquerware  trays, slightly cracked.
  PA40: Five lacquer trays. Price: € 5.00. Used trays. One is repaired. Diameter 10 cm.
   PA41: Frame. Price: € 15.00. Rare old frame, here with a card inserted.
    PA42: Paper Weight. Price: € 5.00. Two cards, two dices and a timer encapsulated in heavy plastic, that weigh 70 gram. In box.
  PA43: The Camden Whist Marker. Goodall & Son, London  Price: € 15.00. Older, very special score-board.
  PA44: Stereograph. H.C.White. N.Y. 1903. Price: € 40.00. Ladies at the table.
PA45a  PA45b  PA45: Card-holder. 1935. Price: € 30.00 On the bottom it is datet Christmas 1935. Wooden box with two small “drawers”. Size: 11,5 x 8,0 x 6,5 cm.
PA46  PA46: Wooden Card-holder. Price: € 5.00. Holds one deck. Size: 9,0 x 8,5 x 6 cm,
  PA48: UNION-card-holder. Price: € 10.00. Meant for children’s cards.  Interesting old advertisement item in plastic. The seven cards + box come along.
Scan_20201013 (2)  PA49: Bezique counter. Price: € 8.00. Two very old counters, Jugendstyle motifs. 15 x 9 cm. Used.
PA50  PA50: Besigue Regnskabstavle. Price: € 6.00. Two old Danish counters. 13,5 x ,4 cm. In box, with instruction sheet. Used.
PA51  PA51: Besigue. Price: € 6.00. Two old Danish counters. 12,7 x 11,0 cm. In box, with instruction sheet Used.
PA53  PA53: Eraser. Price: € 1.00. Small, unused, unopened.
    PA54: Ash tray. Price: € 8.00. Pressed glass with a blue painting underneath and 3 x 3 older Danish court cards, setting its date to the 1920-30s.
  PA55: Coaster. Price: € 5.00. Made in Japan, with a Western Queen. Size: 8,4 x 8,4 cm
PA56: Ashtray. Price: € 15.00. Old ashtray made of metal with an embroidered bottom covered with plastic (?)
PA57: Jeton. Price: € 5.00. Engraved with a lion.
PA59: Bridge-score-table. Price: € 6.00. Two very old Bridge Calculators, to be drawn out. With ad for Heering Cherry Liquor.
PA60: Bezique-counter. Price: € 6.00. A very old Danish calculator for Bezique.
PA62: Puk-board?. 41×13 cm. Price;: € 5.00. An ordinary piece of wood with painted cards on it. Usage??
  PA64: Queen of Spades. Price: € 8.00. Old frame with Queen of Spades, Gerda Ploug Sarp, 1930s. Metal frame, cardboard back. Size: 12,5 x 7,3
  PA65: Queen of Spades. Wulff. Ca.1920. Price: € 7.00. Old plaster frame, worn on the two front sides, and with a dent top right. Size: 11,3 x 8,7 cm.
  PA66: Queen of Spades. “Florentine” Paris. 1955. Price: € 5.00. Mounted single card. Wooden frame. Size: 13 x 11,3 cm.
  PA67: King of Hearts. “Florentine” Paris. 1955. Price: € 5.00. Mounted single card. Wooden frame. Size: 13,7 x 8,7 cm.
  PA68: Portrait de Lyon. Price: € 10.00. Reprint from original 17th century woodblock. Stencil coloured. Wooden frame. Size: 15,3 x 12,3 cm.
  PA69: Portrait du Languedoc. Price: € 10.00. Framed reprint from original woodblocks from 18.cent. Stencilcoloured. Size: 15 x 12 cm. Wooden frame.
  PA72: Folded card. Caspari. Price: € 3.00. Unused. 18 x 12,6 cm
  PA73: Postcard. Hallmark. Price: € 1.00. Unused. 14,8 x 10,5 cm.
  PA75:  Postcard. Taiwan. 1994. Price: € 2.00. Used card. 15 x 10,7 cm.
  PA76: Postcard. JLM. Price: € 1.00.Unused. 14,5 x 10,5 cm.
  PA77: Folded Card. Quality Cards, London. Price: € 4.00. Unused card, also with drawings inside. 15,3 x 10,1 cm
  PA78: Postcard. Greber, Antwerpen. € 2.00. Unused. 15 x 10,5 cm.
  PA79: Folded Card. Titanic, Ca. 1981. Price: € 3.00. Used card. 17,2 x 12,7 cm.
  PA80: Alexander Calder. Ed. Hazan, Paris. 1993. Price: € 3.00. Postcard, unused.
  PA81: Viktor IV. Amsterdam. 1970. Price: € 3.00. Postcard, unused.
  PA83: Picasso: Le Joueur de cartes, 1971. Louisiana, Copenhagen. Price: € 3.00. Unused postcard.
  PA85: Lotteriespiel im Freien um 1820. Reprint. Price: € 1.00. Postcard, used.
  PA86: Marguerite de Valois. 1817. Issy-les-Moulineaux. Price: € 1.00. Reprint. Used postcard.
  PA87: Öberg Spelkort 1929. Sweden 1993. Price: € 2.00. Used postcard.
  PA88: Altenburger-Stralsunder.Price: € 3.00. Two small folding cards, with greetings inside. Unused. Folded: 10 x 6½ cm.
  PA89: David Gwynne. Karin Press. Price: € 2.00. Folded greeting card. Unused. 20,8 x 13 cm.
  PA90: Hungary. Price: € 1.00. Postcard, used.
PA91  PA91: Redheads. Matchboxes. Australia. Price: € 7.00. Fourteen used boxes (cut and flattened). Seemingly they have been mounted, – with remnants on the blank reverse.
PA92  PA92: “Accordeon”. Price: € 5.00. A complete deck, uncut and folded, and put into a small plastic holder. One card is 1,2 x 1,1 cm. Made in Hong Kong.
PA93  PA93: Trinket. Price: € 6.00. Brass with plastic front. 1,8 x 1,2 cm.
PA94  PA94: Trinkets? Price: € 20.00. I don’t really know what these were used for. 14 brass pieces. Each card is 0,9 x 0,6 cm