1. Blandede producenter (Different producers)
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1. Blandede producenter / different producers


  GE05: Leipziger Messekarte. Altenburger Spielkartenfabr. Schneider & Co. 1897-1930s. Price: € 65.00 The original deck. 32 cards complete. Worn and smudged cards. Originally in a cardboard box. Here is only the inner part of it. The deck has been reprinted, – but this is the original.

   GE06: Kölnische Spielkarten-Fabrik. Joh. Peter Bürgers. Price: € 10.00.  Musterkarten. Ten singles with different pictures and reverses. Eight court cards, two number-cards.

GE07: VASS. Rombach & Co. 1972. Price: € 60.00. Advertisement deck for the Publisher Rombach in Freiburg. Only 3000 copies printed. With motifs from 1001 Night on all court cards. Somewhat lustful when looked closer at. 32 cards complete. No box. Unused. 

      GE08: M. J. Frommann, Darmstadt. Transformation deck. Ca.1865. Price: € 250.00. This deck has good strong colours. Three of the cards have breaks (shown), one card misses a corner of the back layer of cardboard. One card is missing (Four of Clubs). Used, but basically a big pleasure to look at.MF on the 8 of Diamonds.

DSC09878 DSC09879        DSC09877  GE09: Conjurers deck. Price: € 5.00. Conjurer Deck. TWO decks of cards, specially produced with duplicates of several cards, and with small cuttings in the corners, almost like mouse-bites, – and what I can not show: number-cards on both sides, i.e. no reverse. Each deck with about 30 cards. No box. Old. From Altenburger, Stralsund. With swastika in the tax stamp. One deck with green reverse, the other with black diagonal stripes.

DSC06109 GE10: Häschen-Skat. ASS. 1977. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in plast box.

GE11a: Altenburg. Historische Zinnfiguren I. Ein Skatspiel. 1988. Price: € 10.00. German pips. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + 1 complete.

GE11b: Altenburg. Historische Zinnfiguren I. Ein Skatspiel. 1988. Price: € 10.00French pips A, K, D, B. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + 1 complete.

DSC06205 GE12: Bauernkriegs-Gedenkstätte “Panorama” Bad Frankenhausen. 1979. Price: € 3.00Unused cards in plast box. #  

  GE13: Bielefelder Spielkarten. Emanuel Swedenborg. Wahrsagekarten. Version 1. 1951-57. JUST THE LEAFLET.  Price: € 3.00

GE14: Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Schneider & Co., Skat-Karte. No.140. 1903-19. Price: € 45.00. Complete with 32 cards, used/yellowed, in box without lid. Tax stamp of 30 Pf., No.90. 

  GE16: DDR.Kretschinkis Hochzeit. Ca.1975. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in plast box.  32 cards, complete.

TY17c TY17d TY17b

TY17a TY17e TY17f GE17: Doll House Cards. Price: € 60.00. Older deck, with golden frame and delicate colours. Interesting motifs on teh court cards. 42 cards only. Queenand JAck of Hearts plus some lesser cards are missing. Nioce little box. Measure 1,7 x 1,2 cm. Good condition. See also GE17a.

dsc01968 dsc01969 dsc01972 GE17a: Doll Hpuse Cards. Price: € 50.00 . The deck to the right on photo 1 + photo 2-3. German deck. Perhaps Altenburg, 51 cards. The 5 of spades is missing. Nice little original box. See also GE17.

  GE19: Coeur. Sächsisches Doppelbild (Chemnitzer bild). 1954. Price: € 10.00. This is a dirty and damaged deck with 7 corners missing and with several bends. BUT it is early. It is the THIRD deck published by Coeur after the War. The first version of this design came in 1946, – while this version 10 x 5,6 cm. was printed after 1954. No box.

TY20 GE20: Altenburg-Stralsunder. 1991. Price: € 3.00. Double deck in box, from the Series Bridge Art Collection. One deck sightly used, the other deck is used more.   

  GE21: Berliner Spielkarten. Anne Jöhri. 1990. Price: € 30.00.  Product from an examination, with different persons, heraldry and printing processes. With a separate pamphlet and in a special box. No.194 of 200 printed items.

Ty22 TY22: Fromman & Morian, Darmstadt. Ca.1885. Price: € 70.00. Complete with 32 cards. French suits. The pictures are with the classical heroes Charles the Great, Ogier le Danois, and Pallas, Judith, Caesar, King David and others. Perfet German tax stamp No.73 on the ace of Hearts. The cards are in good shape. no box (and probably there were only a cover of paper)

  GE23a: Dichter-Quartett. Schönste Deutsche Dichtkunst. VASS. Price: € 4.00. 36 cards,complete, worn, in box.

  GE23b: Dichter- und Zitaten-Quartett. Verlag J. Scholz. Nr.4985. Ca.1935. Price: € 15.00. Used deck in dirty and worn box. 48+1 card, complete.

  GE23c: (Author and Artist). Ca.1920. Price: €20.00. This is a beautiful deck, with colour lithograhy on all cards. There are 30 cards, – complete, for a deck three’s (instead of quartettes) I do not know the producer. Five cards miss a corner, and generallt they are much used. No box.

  GE24: Dewag Dresden. August der Starke und seine Zeit. 1985. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck, plastic box, 32 + 1 card + leaflet. 

GE26: Edition Hilger. Anton Lehmden. No.2878. Price: € 16.00. Unused double deck in unopened box.

  GE27b: Opern-Komponisten-Quartett. VASS. Ca.1950. Price: € 5.0035 cards (one missing), kept in a sort of book.

DSC00282 GE28: Trumpf. Nr.881. Price: € 2.00. 52 worn cards in a worn box without a lid.

DSC01137 GE29a: F. X. Schmid, München. No.22201. Price: € 3.00. Skat deck. 32 cards, complete, worn, a card with a break. Sligthly worn box. TY29b: Price: € 5.00. Same deck. Unused in slightly worn box.

DSC01139 GE30: Prima. Bielefelder Spielkarten. No.1320. Price: € 5.00. 32 cards,complete + advertising card. Unused deck in nice box. 

GE31: Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkarten-fabriken. Osram. Ca.1930. Price: € 60.00. Mint deck with nice golden corners, but missing: Ace of Hearts, Queen of Clubs and the joker. No box. 

  GE32: Altenburger. Schach. Design: Hannelore Heise. 1982.   Price: € 20.00.  Unused deck. 32 + 1 text card, complete. No box.

GE33: Harlekin’s Regenbogen Skat.  Design: Peter Giesel. 1985. Price: € 7.00. Illustrations on all cards. 32 cards + 4 jokers, unused, no box.

GE34: Hansers Skatspiel. 1984. Price: € 6.00. Complete with 32 + 1 card + leaflet, i plast box. All number cards with books. All court cards with an author, t.ex. Borges, Calvino, Umberto Ecoog Lars Gustafsson.

    GE35: Alois Hanslian: Die Bachblüten-Devas. München, Aquamarin Verlag. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck, complete, in box. 10½ x 14½ cm.

    GE36: Altenburg. Die Spielkarten Philipp Otto Runges. 1924. REPRINT 1984. Price: € 40.00. Unused deck 32 cards, complete + title card + 4 text cards. In simple plast box. 2200 copies (only).    

  GE37: ASS. Rommé, Bridge, Canasta. No.797. Price: € 8.00. Double deck in boxes and original double plast box. Unused. Perhaps three jokers are missing. It says 55 cards on the boxes, but there are no jokers, and they are not needed in Rommé, Bridge or Canasta.

    GE38: Coeur. Hokus Pokus Kartibus. Price: € 15.00. A double deck. Seemingly normal, BUT with cards to be used for tricks. Unused, but the original thin plastic box is broken. I have two sets.

GE39: West (cigaretter). Skat, Berliner Spielkarten. Ca.1996. Price: € 4.00.  Complete with 32 +1 cards, unused, in worn box. With persons unknown to me on all court cards. ::  

    GE40a: Salem Gold. Ca.1890-1900. Price: € 5.00. Prussian Double picture. Two single cards.  VSS Aktiengesellschaft. 

    GE40c: Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken. Preussisches Doppelbild. Ca.1940. Price: € 60.00. Musterkarte. Unused deck. 32 cards, complete. No wrapper.

  GE41: SPD. 1976. Price: € 20.00. Printed by Karavelle, Belgium. Schleswig-Holsteiner-Blatt. 32 cards + 3 picture cards + SPD sticht!. Unused in worn box. 

  GE42: ASS. Price: € 40.00. Mint, but yellowed. 78 cards, complete. Green Danish tax stamp. No box.

  GE43: Sandmännchen. Kartenspiel Folge II. Verlag Rudolf Forkel, Possneck.  Herstellung Altenburger Spielkartenfabruik. Kinderfernsehen Berlin DDR. 1964. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck in box.   

GE44: Der Spruch der Pythia. Price: € 5.00. Older Wahrsage deck. Worn, with yellow spots. 30 cards. 6 cards missing: Nos. 5, 22, 24, 28, 33 and 34. Two sheets of instruction. Distributed by Prana Verlag, Pfullingen in Württ.  

  GE45: Altenburg. Bergbaukarte. Anhaltische Kohlenwerke. Design Pix (Otto Pech). 1925. Price: € 50.00. Somewhat used deck, but without breaks or rifts, 32 cards complete, in box with the inner box missing.

GE46: Juristenskat. Heel Verlag. 1990. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + title card. Design by Philipp Heinisch on all court cards and aces..

DSC01255 GE47a: Loriot Skat (+ whist). ASS. Before 2001. Price: € 5.00. 32 cards,complete. Unused in plast box.  GE47b: Price: € 2.00. A similar deck, for whist with 52 + 3 cards. Blue reverse.USed, no box.

    GE48: Bielefelder Spielkarten. Bridge/Canasta. Pure Plastic. Ca. 1950. Price: € 20.00. Two incomplete decks (blue and red) of an early version of the pure plastic cards. Both with the logo on 7 AND 10 of Spades. One deck with 44 cards + 2 jokers + text card, and one deck with 40 cards + 2 jokers + text cards. All the court cards are there. Unused in original double box.

TY49GE49: Sofa-karte. Price: € 70.00. This old deck is in several variations. Nicknamed Sofa-karte from the Queen of Clubs. Stencil-coloured or perhaps hand-coloured. Dirty and worn. No box.

GE50: Altenburg. TAPP kort, No.88. Ca.1940. Price: € 5.00.  In box for Denmark, with Danish tax stamp, unused deck in worn box. 36 cards complete. Blue and black diagonal design on the reverse.

GE51: Herzkönig. Bintz-Dohany-Druck, Offenbach/Main. 1966. Price: € 10.00. 32 cards, complete, no box. With film actors on all court cards.

GE52: Bielefeld. E. Gundlach. Skat No.110. 1948. Price: € 80.00. Version 2 where Jack of Spades has a standart. 32 cards, complete, used and yellowed – but nice. No box.

GE53: Berliner Bierdeckelskat. Berliner Spielkarten. 1978. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in plastbox, 10 cm. diameter, to be used as beer-coasters, 32 + 2 + 1 cards, complete. 

  GE54: FXSchmid. Kipper Wahrsage-karten Ca.1975. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck, in plast box. Instruction sheet    

GE56a: Altenburg. 9-11-89 passé. 1990. Price: € 25.00. (6,0 x 9,1 cm.), 32 + extra card as shown. Unused deck in defect plast box

GE56b: Altenburg. 9-11-89 passé. 1990. Price: € 25.00. (6,0 x 9,1 cm), 32 + extra card as shown. Unused deck in plast box

GE57: Siegfried Heilmeier, München. 1983. Price: € 30.00. 34 cards, complete, unused. Handcoloured. Nr.23 of 150. Original wrapper.   

  GE58: E. Raman. Persona. 1994. Printed in Belgium for distribution in North America. Price: € 12.00. Unused game in box.

GE59: Mecklenburger Bild. Wilfried Kaschel. 1995. Price: € 40.00. Hand-coloured deck, no.4 of 60. Unused in box. 1 leaflet.

GE60: Coeur. August der Starke. 1987. Price: € 7.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + 1, complete, but an additional leaflet is NOT here.   

 GE61: Coeur. Bridge 160. 1973. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck, no jokers, no box.

  GE62: S & V. Dittner: Wahrsagespiel mit erotischen Bildern. Price: € 40.00. Unused deck in original cover. Leaflet signed by the artist. No.70/200. Illustrations on all court cards. 24 cards, complete.

GE63: Gorleben soll leben. Skat. Merlin. Price: € 10.00. Nuclear energy No Thanks. Unused deck, with a vague print. 32 cards, complete, in box.

DSC00731 GE64: Black Peter or Happy Families? Price: € 8.00.  Probably German, and probably from about WWI. 22 cards (missing 2b and 7a). White cardboard. Worn. No wrapper.  

  GE65: Uwe Steinmayer design. Transparenter Grand Hand. 1989. Price: € 15.00.  Transparent plastic deck, where the card naturally not can be seen by the oppponent. 32 + 4 cards, complete. No box.

TY66 GE66: Trumpf. Feinste Skat-Karte. Nr.99. Price: € 4.00. 32 cards, complete. In box without sideflaps. Worn cards.

dsc02252 GE67: Berliner Bierdeckelskat. Price: € 5.00. 32 cards + 3 text cards, unused, complete in plast box. To be used as coasters. Blank reverse.

  GE68: Lustiges Frage- und Antwortspiel für Kinder. #1035. Bielefeld. Price: € 3.00. Unused, complete with 100 cards in original plast-box.     

  GE69: escART. ec-ART. Skat. Vennekamp. Galerie Steinrötter. 1978. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck in box. 32 complete. Art from an exhibition.

  GE70: Antikriegsspielkarte. Siegfried Heilmeier. 1983. Price: € 100.00.  Deck no.58 of only 100 copies. Unuses cards i very slightly worn box.

  GE71: Coeur. Salon Karte. No.66. 1970-89. Price: € 10.00. Double deck in box. Used. No jokers.

  GE72a: Coeur. Rokoko Playing Cards. No.160. Price: € 2.00.  Much worn, no box, two jokers and a blank card. AS on the 10 of Clubs.  

  GE72d: ASS / BD. Price: € 2.00. Used deck, no breaks or bends. 52 cards. No joker.No box.     

  GE73: Verlag für die Frau. Kartenspiel der berühmten Wahrsagerinn Mlle Lenormand in Paris. Reprint. 1982. Price: € 50.00. This reprint is with handcoloured pictures. Unused in original wooden box, leaflet and instructions. OBS: No.24 Herz Bube is MISSING.

  GE74: Wolken kuckucks Haus. Ravensburger Spiele. 1961, Price: € 20.00. Complete and unused deck in original double box, slightly yellowed. All cards with slits for building. I am a little amazed at the high prices I see on the net for this deck!?

  GE75: Sternen Quartett. Design Anna Wolfhügel. Mellinger Verlag. Ca.1960. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck in original double box.

TY76 GE76: Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken A-G, Altenburg-Thür. ASS. 1930erne. Price: € 5.00. Worn and dirty deck, 52 cards, no box. German tax stamp No.90.

TY77 GE77: New Look. ASS. No.195. 1947-50. Price: € 12.00. Unused decks in nice box. Complete with two extra jokers/blank. Inserted white slip = control ticket. The factory only was in production from November 47 till the end of 1950. Somewhat rare.

TY78 GE78: New Look. ASS. No.195. 1947-50. Price: € 7.00. Used deck in defect box. 52 cards. The factory was only in production Nov.47 till end of 1950, therefore somewhat rare.      .

    GE80: Stralsunder Spielkarten. Extra Feine Schwerdter Karten. 1880/1910. Price: € 40.00. This is the oldest Sächsisches Doppelbild pattern from Stralsund. See the reverse and the company logo with text on top and bottom. 32 cards, complete. Much dirty and worn, but with no bends or breaks. No wrapper.  

  GE82: ASS. No.1455. Price: € 5.00. Unused. Complete. In plastic box.

  GE83: Coeur. Robotron. 1987. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck, no box, complete with 52 + 3 cards.

TY84 GE84: F. X. Schmid, München.  Rommé Nr.0400. Price: € 3.00. 52 cards, used, in worn box. With Danish tax stamp in use 1949-63.   

  GE85a: C. L. Wüst. Tarok No.108. Ca.1900/10. Price: € 30.00. Heavily used  and dirty, and bitten by insects. 52 cards, complete. No box. Same as TY85b but with a different colouring.

  GE85b: C.L.Wüst. Tarok. Price: € 70.00. Yellowed, but only slightly used. No box. Same as TY85a but with a different colouting.         

GE89: DSR. Altenburg. 1976-83. Price: € 20.00. Red border. Deutfracht Seerederei Rostock was for a long period the most important maritime company in DDR. This advertisment deck was published in the period 1976-83. Unused deck. No joker, no box. An extra Ace of hearts.  

  GE90: Coeur. Historische Zinnfiguren II. 1989. Price: € 10.00Unused. 32 + 1 complete, in plast box.  

  GE91: Coeur. VEB Kombinat Kali. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + text card,complete.

  GE92: Coeur. Berlin. Hauptstadt der DDR. SKAT. Figurliche Plastiken im Stadtbild. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + title card.

  GE93: Das Kuss. Quartett. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in box. With kisses, which I didn’t know existed! 

  GE94: Coeur. Faxe Fad. Before 1989. Price: € 5.00. Two unused decks in double box. Advertisement for a Danish Beer. Green and red border. One deck is still in plastic.

  GE95: VASS. ACMA, Bologna, Italien. Ca.1970. Price: € 5.00. Advertisement for the packing-firm ACMA, and all the cards have been cut wrongly! On purpose? 51 cards, in box, unused.        

    GE97: Frommann & Bunte. Darmstadt. Ca.1870. Price: € 200.00. The first version, with brown print, and with F and M in the eight of Diamonds. Otherwise ordinary yellowed and worn after 150 years. The two of diamonds has a dent, and the four of Clubs has a slight bend.    

  GE98a: Schwarzer Peter. Sandmann. DDR. Ca.1960. Price: € 1.00. Much worn deck. 23 cards (two missing). No box.

  GE98b: Schwarzer Peter. DDR. Ca.1950. Price: € 5.00. Used deck. No box. 33 cards, complete.

  GE99: ASS. Preussisches Doppelbild. Nr.26. Ca.1931-36. Price: € 50.00. Used deck, in box, 32 cards complete.

skat-18  GE100: ASS. Skat-Karte, Nr.18. Price: € 2.00. 32 cards complete, in box, alle dirty and worn.   

  GE101: Fri-Ho-Di Wahrsage-Spiel. Ca.1920. Printed by Beucke-Sohne. Price: € 40.00. Advertisement for a Margarine-firm on the reverse of all cards. Used, but not worn. 32 + 1 card, complete + instruction sheet. Torn original wrapper, 5,0 x 7,5 cm.  

GE103: Keine Startbahn West. Ca.1988. Price: € 40.00.  32 cards complete, unused, no box. Demonstration against airport extension in Frankfurt. A very big and ongoing case 30 years ago. Limited, private edition.    

  GE104: Coeur. Gaststätte Waldkater, Bernau. Gestaltung Peter Becker. Price: € 8.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + 1 card, complete. 

  GE105: Coeur. Berliner Zeitung Erich Schmitt. 1967. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + 1 card, complete.  

GE106: Lübeck. Price: € 2.00. Slightly used deck, in box. No jokers. Pictures on all cards.

TY107 GE107: B og Trumpf. Price: € 2.00 /each. Two older decks of the Berlin-pattern. Used. No boxes. Faint Danish green tax stamp = after 1918.

dsc02196 GE108: Micky Mau-Mau. Schmid. No.25510. Price: € 4.00. 32 cards, complete.Unused in plast box.

  GE109: Coeur. Schauspiele I. 1987. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck in plast box.52 + 3 cards.

  GE110: Pop Rocky. CA.1981. Price: € 30.00. Published by the Pop Rocky Magazine. 36 cards, complete, no box (there probably never was one). Used, but nice.

     GE111: J. H. Löschenkohl: Botanisches Kartenspiel. 1806. Faksimile 1978. Price: € 40.00.  Unused in original box. 

    GE112: Gebrüder Bechstein. Altenburg. Superfeine Schwerdter-Karte. Ca.1880. Price: € 60.00. Used and dirty deck, no wrapper. Grün Daus und 9 + Eichel Ober is missing. Three cards (shown) have small dents.

  GE113: Coeur. Heinz Drigalla: Keglerkarte. Ein Skatspiel.  Price: € 5.00. Unused deck, Complete. In plast box.

GE114: Rheinberger. Saarpf. Kunstanstalt u. Druckerei. 1939. Price: € 40.00. Trachten Grossdeutschlands. The regions of Great-Germany. 32 cards complete. No box. Very much worn.

GE115: Schwarzer Peter. Ca.1975. Price: € 2.00. Used cards, 28 + 1 complete, no box. 

  GE117: Marquard Media. Pop Rocky. 1980-90. Price: € 3.00Unused cards, no box. Here are altogether 23 cards (7 to Ace of Hearts, 7 to Ace of Clubs, 7 to 9 and Jack to Ace of Diamonds. No spades).  

  GE118: Double deck. Price: € 10.00. Double pack of unused decks, one still in plastic. Both in leathery case withe notepad and pencil. 2 jokers + a blank.

  GE119: Das Bunte Zahlen-Karten-Spiel. Multiplex. R.Treichler. Price: € 3.00. 100 unused cards in box, with instruction leaflet and two dices.

  GE120: DDR. Schweriner Volkszeitung. Meckelburgisches Staatstheater. Madame Pompadour. 1974. Price: € 40.00. This deck is a special design for the use at the Operetta Madame Pompadour, as a PROGRAM! Text on all cards, and with drawings. 32 cards of thin texture, complete, unused, in cardboard box.

  GE121: DDR. Design: Hannelore Heise. Gracia. Trinke oder Fahre. 1972. Price: € 15.00. Slightly used deck, 52 + 3, no box.

  GE122: DDR. Rommé. Design: Schmitt. 1976. Price: € 20.00Unused deck in plast box, 52 + 3 complete. Drawings on all cards.   

  GE123: Schneider & Co., Altenburg Thür. Wahrsagespiel mit Versen nach Mlle Lenormand. Ca.1900. Price: € 30.00. 36 used cards, complete, no bends or breaks. Much worn box. Worn leaflet.

  GE124: Wahrsagespiel. 1930-40? Price: € 40.00. I don’t know the producer. The former owner of this deck in 1984 paid DM70 for it. Much worn. No box. The reverse is blank white.

  GE125a: DDR. Design: Peter Becker. Operette I. 1986. Price: € 20.00.  Unused deck in plast box. 52 + 3, complete. Delightful back, burlesque court cards. 

  GE125b: DDR. Coeur. Design: Peter Becker. Opernkarte II. 1989. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck in plast box. 52 + 3 jokers, complete. Delightful back, burlesque court cards. 

  GE125c: DDR. Coeur. Design: Peter Becker. Opernkarte I. 1985. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck in plast box. 52 + 3 jokers, complete. Delightful back, burlesque court cards. 

  GE126: Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken. Preussisches Dobbelbild. Ca.1920. Price: € 50.00. Worn and dirty deck. No bends or breaks. 32 cards, complete. Advertisement for Salem Gold, Yenidze.

  GE127: DDR. Hier bin Ich zu Hause. A7/77. Price: € 4.00. Black Peter game. 24 + 1 cards, complete, with leaflet. Unused in slightly worn box.

  GE128: DDR. Robinson. Quartettspiel mit Peterkarte. A7/82. Price: € 4.00. Game of quartett with Black Peter extra, 32 + 1 cards, complete. Unused in sligthly worn box. Leaflet.  

  GE129: Berlin Spielkarten. Schöning Verlag. Price: € 4.00 . Unused deck in box. 55 cards, complete.

  GE130: Joker. Berliner Morgenpost. 1962. Price: € 40.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 +1 complete.  

  GE133: W. Busch. Fritz und Moritz. Ca.1930. Price: € 5.00. Deck for the Danish market, where their name is “Knold og Tot”. 14 cards of presumably 16 (one Knold and one Kaptajn Vom missing – presumably). Coarse cardboard. No box.

  GE134: W. Busch Quartett und Schwarzen Peter. Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik. Ca.1950. Price: € 10.00. Slightly used, in box, 32 +2 cards, complete.

   GE136: DDR. Design: Olaf Grützmacher. SKET. Price: € 50.00. Advertisement deck. Unused. No box. 52 + 3 jokers.

  GE137: DDR. Historische Puppen. 1988. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck in plast box. Three jokers. Dolls on all cards.

  GE138: ASS. Schwerdter-Karte. Sächsisches Doppelbild. Nr. 30. Price: € 5.00. Used deck in worn box. 32 cards, complete. 

  GE139a: Coeur. Salon Playing Cards. No.66. 1970. Price: € 8.00. Used deck, in much worn box. 52 + 3 jokers, complete.

  GE139b: Coeur. Salon Playing Cards. No.66. 1970. Price: € 15.00. Near mint, in worn box. 52 + 3 jokers, complete.  

  GE140: DDR. Peterkarte. Ca.1960. Price: € 2.00.  Incomplete deck. Only a title card and 16 cards of presumably 32. Slightly used, no box.

  GE141: DDR. Engelhardt. Ca. 1960. Price: € 2.00. Incomplete deck with only 36 cards of presumably 40. Worn, and a card misses a corner. No box.

  GE142: Berliner Spielkarten. Piccolo Skat. Ca.1995. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in box, 32 cards, complete.

  GE143: Pelikan Minis Skat Mau-Mau 66. !970s. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in box. 32 cards, complete.

  GE144: F.X.Schmid, München. Lenormand Wahrsage Karte. 1968?. Price: € 30.00. The former owner of this deck dates it to 1968. He made a trade for it in 1986. It may be older. I can not see the difference between this deck, and the older ones put on sele – at much higher prices?! Size 53×85, 36 cards, complete, unused, no box.

  GE145: DDR. Deutrans. 1983. Price: € 4.00. 32 unused cards in plast box.

  GE146: AGRA. DDR. 1986. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + 1 card,  complete.

  GE148a: Coeur. Kongress-karte. Ca.1958-59. Price: € 8.00  Combination of German and French suits. Much used deck. 32 cards, complete. In plast box.

  GE149: Altenburg. Modell-Eisenbahnen I. 1984. Price: € 30.00. Double deck in plast box (original?), 2 x 52 + 2 cards, no title-cards. Unused.

  GE150: Altenburg. Speilzeugeisenbahnen I. 1983. Price: € 5.00. Slightly used. Only one joker, no title card, no box.

  GE152: Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik. Berliner Originale. 1985. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in plast box. Three jokers.    

  GE154: Coeur. Leipzig 87. XI.Spartakiade. VIII.Sportfest. 1987. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + 1 blank. Pictures on aces and court cards.   

SOLD GE157: Coeur. Skat 100. Steuerstempel 90. 1977-78. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck. 32 cards, complete + a calendar for 1978. In used box. 

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