Card Games (CG)

   CG11: Nationernes Firkort. “Quartette of Nations”.Ca.1880. Price: € 100.00.  This is the earliest know deck of Quartet published in Denmark. By Hilmar Crone. With real photos on all cards depicting royal houses, presidents etc from all over the world. By checking the death of the individuals shown it is possible to date the deck to be between 1879 and 1881. This deck is much used and smudged. From the original frail box only the top and bottom is left. Only 46 of the original 48 cards. A rare deck.

  CG12: Nationernes Firkort. “Quartette of Nations”. Ca.1880. Price: € 180.00. Same deck as above. In better condition. Also only with top and bottom of the original box. 48 cards, complete. 

  CG14: Nationalt Firkort. 1911-23. Price: € 10.00. The game was published between 1911 and 1923. Only the lid of the box is left. Very dirty, torn and repaired cards.

CG15  CG15a: Skidtmas. 1960s. Price: € 4.00. Quartette game of 20 cards. Complete. In worn box.

scan_20170225-4 CG15b: Germany. Black Peter. Ca.1920-30. Price: € 10.00.   Different nations. 2 x10 (19) cards + Black Peter (one card missing: an Indian man). No box. Obviously stereotypes, but as such, they are interesting.

BØ16 CG16a: Historical Quartette. CES. Nr. 241. Ca.1930. Price: € 1.00. The deck first was published about 1920. This edition is perhaps from the 30s. A full deck is with 60 cards. Here 9 cards are missing. Much worn. No box. Red background.

  CG16b: Historical Quartette. CES. Nr. 241. Ca.1930. Price: € 1.00The deck first was published about 1920. This edition is perhaps from the 30s. A full deck is with 60 cards. Here 13 cards are missing. Slightly worn. No box. Green background.

  CG17: Historical Quartette. Ca.1920. Price: € 1.00. All cards are in colour. Printer unknown. ONLY 21 cards out of 48. Worn. No box.

BØ18 CG18: Historical Quartette. Toner fra Danmarks Fortid. CES nr.24. Price: € 3.00. Published around 1940 on coarse cardboard. The original edition came ca.1920. 38 of 40 cards. Almost unused, in original but worn cover.   

CG19  CG19: Morená.Waldemar de Andrade e Silva. 1996. Price: € 15.00. Inspired by the Brasilian Rainforest. Unused deck in original box. With leaflet.

BØ20 CG20: Historical Quartette. G.W.S. Ting Tong. Price: € 1.00. From ca.1950. 44 of 48 cards + textcard. Four cards have been coloured by a child. No box. Slightly worn.

BØ21 CG21. Historical Quartette. G.W.S. Ting Tong. Price: € 2.00. From about 1950.44 of 48 cards + textcard. Much worn in torn box.

BØ22 CG22: Geografisk Spil. “Geographical Game”. Danmark. Price: € 8.00. 2. Series: The islands, including The Faeroese Islands and Greenland. Published ca. 1920-30 by Anton Kirkeskov at Nordhjems Bogtrykkeri, Varde. 48 cards, complete. Nice cards, defect box.

BØ23 CG23: Geografisk Spil. “Geographical Game” Danmark. Price: € 10.00. 1. Series: Jylland/Jutland with Sønderjylland. Published ca.1920 by Anton Kirkeskov, printed at Schmidt & Magnussen. Looks like a first edition of the type. 45 cards, complete. Nice deck, worn box. 

CG24  CG24: Magtspillet (The Game of Power). 2011. Price: € 10.00. Mint deck in box. 36+5 cards. Cards depicting Danish politicians, AND who wins the power!?

CG25  CG25: Black Peter. Piatnik no.4472/4648/4672/4572. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in box. 32 cards, complete + 4 different title cards = numbers for Denmark, Norwau, Sweden and Finland. Advertisement for JET petrol on the reverse.

  CG26: CES, Tivoli Spil. Ca.1940. Price: € 5.00. Yellowed deck in broken wrapper. 5 x 4 cards + Peacock (one card is missing)

DSC01140 CG27: Tønder Firkort. 1993. Price: € 5.00. A revised reprint of a deck from 1942. Unused in box.

DSC01141 CG28: Tønder Firkort. 1943. Price: € 15.00. Made in the 700-anniversary year of the Town. Designed by Cl. Eskildsen. Used and of course with som aging, but actuallly in good condition. 60 cards + textcard. Complete.

DSC01142 CG29: Quiz. Amerikansk Intelligens Spil /American Game of Intelligence. Price: € 2.00. A game from the end of the 40s, as a capital letter is used in the beginning of a word.. “Spurs knowledge and quick perception”. Much worn cards in much worn box with no lids.

CG30  CG30a: Handa. Black Peter / Sorteper. Serie B. No.101. Price: € 6.00. Used and yellowed deck, but no breaks or bends. 32 + 1  cards complete, + game decscription and 2 blank cards.- Worn box with no lid. CG30b: Same deck with red reverse. Price: € 3.00. Worn and yellowed, in worn box. 31 + 1 card + a blank card counting for No.14 (the Bear)

  CG31: F.X.Schmid. Europa. Quartette. 1960-70s. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in plast box. 32 + 1 card, complete.

CG32a: Dandy. Football Bubble Gum. 1985-86. Price: € 7.00. Slightly used, with 52 + 3 jokers. Naturally no box. CG32b: € 5.00. Same deck NO jokers. CG32c: € 4.00  An extra mixed lot of 85 duplicates. 

CG33  CG33: Gris. 1965. Price: € 5.00. Danish game with 19 + 2 cards. Used. Simple cardboard. Worn box. Instructions on the box. 

  CG34: Levison. Historisk Firkort / Historical Quartette. Ca.1945-50. Price: € 8.00. Figures and events in Danish History. Very nationalistic as it was published right after WWII. 40 cards, complete, used but not worn. Defect original box.  

  CG35a: H. C. Andersen. Eventyr i Firkort. 1934. Price: € 30.00. Quartette with illustrations by Ellen Gabriel to the Fairy Tales of H. C Andersen. Published by the H.C.Andersen Museum. Used, but in very nice shape. In original box. 1 card with instructions.

CG35b  CG35b: H. C. Andersen. Eventyr i Firkort. 1940-50. Price: € 30.00. Quartette with illustrations by Elline Eyermann Asisoff. In box. Slightly used, but of course yellowed after many years. Instruction sheet. 

DSC09725 DSC09726 CG37: Vidunderlige Dyr Quartet. Wonderful Animals. Nr.645. Price: € 15.00. Probably 100 years old. Stifff cardboard. It is a tops-and-tails-game Worn and repaired box. 46 cards. 

BØ38 CG38: Spørgsmål og Svar. Med billeder. “Questions and Answers”. I have it in a box, Palet Brand No.4077. Price: € 5.00, – and a bunch of loose cards, about 50 in number. Price: € 2.00.

BØ40  CG40: Spørgsmaal og Svar. Pris: Kr.20.00. To bundter løse kort. Ialt 70-80 stk. Gammelt karton. Fra den ældre udgave af spil CES Nr.30 (se BO41). Two bundles of loose cards. 70-80 . Old cardboard. Has belonged to the elder version of the game CES30 (see BO41).

CG41  CG41: Grimberg. History. Ca.1963. Price: € 4.00. Historical quartette, from Ancient Egypt till 2nd World War. 40 cards, complete. No box. USed but not worn.

CG42  CG42: Piatnik. Sorteper / Black Peter. No.4471. Price: € 2.00. Used but not worn. 24 + 1 cards, complete. In plast box.

  CG43: Historical Quartette. Ca.1930. Price: € 8.00. Used deck. No wrapper. 48 cards, complete. One card is heavily bitten by silverfish, a few other reverses have also been affected.

CG44: Geografisk Spil. Øerne. 1930s. Price: € 8.00. Quartette with the Danish Islands, including the Faroese Islands and Greenland. 48 cards, complete, in worn box.

CG45  CG45: Danmark Geografisk Spil. Øerne. 2.Serie. Ca.1920s. Price: € 10.00. Design by Anton Kirkeskov.  48 cards, complete. Game with early pictures of the Danish islands, including Greenland and the Faroese Islands. Yellowed and used, but not worn. Broken box.

GE20  CG48: Christian Gronau: Habitat. 1993. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck in original box. German instruction leaflet.  

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