18: Gnav

18-01: L. P. Holmblads Fabrik. Ca.1850-60. Size: 9,0 x 5,9 cm. Slightly rounded corners. Dark horse

18-01: L. P. Holmblads Fabrik. Ca.1850 Size: 8,9 x ,9 cm. Square corners. Dark horse.

18-02: L. P. Holmblads Fabrik. Ca.1860. I only have a partial deck + copies of the original. Size: 8,9 x 5,9 cm. Almost square corners. “Bee” reverse.

18-02 Variant. L. P. Holmblads Fabrik. Ca.1860. Rounded corners. “Twig” reverse.

18-03: Holmblads Spillekort Forretning. S. Salomon & Co. Ca.1910. 42 cards. Size: 8,6 x 5,5 cm. Rounded corners.

18-03: Variant: S. Salomon & Co. Ca.1910. 42 cards (I only have 21). Size: 8,8 x 5,6 cm. Square corners, – so this is probably the first version.

18-03: S. Salomon & Co. Reprint. 2001. Printed by SKALK. Size: 8,8 x 5,6 cm. In box and with a leaflet.

18-04: C. L. Keiblinger. Ca.1870. Size: 9,6 x 5,9 cm. I have two coloured versions with different backs, and a black/white deck with blank reverse.

18-05: Originally printed as a Neuruppiner sheet. Mounted on cardboard. Originally meant to be mounted on wooden pieces. I have ½ set of 21 cards.

18-06: CES. Gnav. Det gode gamle Spil. Nr.126. Ca.1945-50. This deck may be coloured or black/white on coarse cardboard. The numbers have a ring with/without “knots”. The boxes are of different height (some have false bottoms). Leaflet with rules. Size: 9,5 x 5,8 cm. Boxes marked as “Dansk Arbejde” = produced in Denmark, – at a time where there was great protectionism in production of wares.

18-07: Ouroboros. Astrid Pilegaard Larsen / K.Frank Jensen. 1979. Handcoloured edition by the artist. No. 4/28. Also published in an uncoloured version. Size: 7,4 x 5,3 cm. With leaflet in English.

18-09: C. Steen. Kort – Gnavspil. Med nye Figurer. 1826. With the Eremitage Castle as its house. Size:8,7 x 6,0 cm. In original box.

18.11: Unknown producer. Ca.1850. Found under another set of pictures glued on wooden pieces.

18-13: B. & S. Salomon. Ca.1890. Published by the Vereinigten Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken. Logo on the jester. No name on the house.

18-14: Unknown producer. Mounted on wooden pieces. Height 4 cm. Picture diameter 4 cm.

18-15: Unknown producer. Mounted on wooden pieces. Height 5,2 cm. Picture diameter 3,6 cm.

18-16: Skalk. Ca.2015. Diameter 2,8 cm. Pictures on wooden blocks.