Køb og kontakt / About buying

Prices given in the text.

Shipping in the least costly fashion, but sensibly packed. Surface mail is normally for 1 small deck €5, – but most decks weigh more than 100 gr. so postage will then be €10 for one (or perhaps 2 decks), more decks (up to ca.10-15 decks) will cost €13. All this is surface mail = not insured/registered = not track-and-trace. Registered mail costs €18. – As shipping is at the risk of the buyer, it also is the buyer, who decides how I shall send.

Payment preferably by Paypal.

Best Regards

Hans Jørgen Hinrup, Samosvej 1, Hårup, 8530 Hjortshøj, Denmark

email: sparfire@gmail.com

tel. 0045 2963 5432