Adolph Wulff (DKW)

DKW20  DKW20: Whist. No.12. Ca.1920. Price: € 3.00. These cards are terrible. Torn, worn and VERY dirty, – and seemingly assembled from two decks. There are 3 aces, 3 kings, 1 queen, 2 jacks and 2 jokers + 23 number cards. No box. The version is with pips. Printed in England or at Lattmann’s?

 DKW26: Adolph Wulff. Children’s deck, No.10. Price: € 25.00. Mint deck in unopened original paper wrapper (I have a few copies of this deck – so the shown cards are from an opened deck). 4½ x 3 cm. Probably from the 1920s, – or before.

  DKW27: Price: € 1.00. SINGLE king from an early Wulff-deck. From the more rare version with small Indices.

DKW28  DKW28: Tarok. No.78. 1910-18. Price: € 80.00. Printed by Dondorf ab 1910. Danish tax stamp until 1918. Used deck with brown colouring on some cards and along the borders,- see scan. But the pictures are very nice. 78 cards complete. Worn box with no lid.