Kruckow (DKK)

  DKK70: Kruckow’s Gummispillekort. No.49. L’Hombre. Ca.1904-10. Price: € 45.00. Worn and dirty, but with nok breaks or bends. 40 cards, complete. No box.  

      1 is SOLD DKK72: Luxus Lhombre. Nr.240. Ca.1920. Price: € 65.00 / each. Two unused decks in unbroken but heavily cracked cellophane wrapper. The shown reverse and the court cards are from my own collection.    

  DKK75: Single cards. From before 1928. Price: € 4.00. Six court cards and three number-cards with small centerpiece on the back. Nine number-cards with big centerpiece on the back. All cards VERY much worn.   

  SOLD DKK90c: “Kruckow’s Danske Spillekort”. Before 1928. Price: € 35.00.  52 cards for whist. No box. Red reverse with four roosters and a curling pattern in the center. Dirty and yellowed cards, but with no bends or breaks. Nine of Hearts is changed for another in the ‘wrong’ colour.   

     DKK105: Kruckow Danske Spillekort. [No.112]. Before 1928. Price: € 30.00I almost feel ashamed to ask for this price, – but in all my collecting years I have only had and seen this dirty and maimed deck. Now I have found a slightly nicer and almost complete deck. Here we have 9½ of the court-cards/aces and 17 number cards. No box.