Kruckow (DKK)


     DKK60: L’Hombre. Elite. Nr.140. 1920s. Price: € 60.00. At some point a L’Hombre-club has ordered a bigger number of decks. They were delivered in small packages with six in each, two shown here. The tax label depicts the year to exactly 1920. This deck, unopened, 40 cards in cellophane, has waited almost 100 years to find a new owner! Three cards from a similar deck shown.

  DKK61: L’Hombre. Elite. Nr.140. 1920s. Price: € 60.00. Same courts and decscription as in DKK60. 

  DKK62: L’Hombre. Luxus. Nr.240. 1920s. Price: € 60.00. Same courts and decscription as in DKK60.     

  DKK75: Single cards. From before 1928. Price: € 4.00. Six court cards and three number-cards with small centerpiece on the back. Nine number-cards with big centerpiece on the back. All cards VERY much worn.  

DKK76  DKK76: Kruckow’s Gummispillekort. L’Homber. No.49. 1904-18. Price: € 80.00. Literally the name is “Rubber Playing Cards”,- but they feel NORMAL. First deck published by the firm ca.1904. The tax stamp indicates a period before 1918. Probably printed in Holland, see also deck HB28. Used, but nice, in much worn box with no lid.

  SOLD DKK90c: “Kruckow’s Danske Spillekort”. Before 1928. Price: € 35.00.  52 cards for whist. No box. Red reverse with four roosters and a curling pattern in the center. Dirty and yellowed cards, but with no bends or breaks. Nine of Hearts is changed for another in the ‘wrong’ colour.   

     DKK105: Kruckow Danske Spillekort. [No.112]. Before 1928. Price: € 30.00I almost feel ashamed to ask for this price, – but in all my collecting years I have only had and seen this dirty and maimed deck. Now I have found a slightly nicer and almost complete deck. Here we have 9½ of the court-cards/aces and 17 number cards. No box.