Denmark (DK)

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  DK08: Klingbjerg. Klassiske Spillekort.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2019. Price: € 8.00. Reprint of the “legendary” Habsburger Deck from the 1950s. 4 jokers. In box. Unused. I have a few copies of this deck.

dsc02483 DK09: Steen Eriksen Spillekort. 1977. Price: € 50.00.  Private production in limited amount. The deck came with different reverses. Here with a flag for either Guinea or Mali (depending on how you turn it). 52 cards + a blank card. Unused. (In two decks in my own collection there are 2 jokers in one deck, and in the other 2 joker + 1 blank). No box (and neither have my two decks boxes).  

  DK10: Dandy. Pin-up. 1977. Price: € 50.00. Rare deck of pin-ups from the Danish chewing gum factory. The 2 jokers are a bit more used, than the rest,- but otherwise: used without being worn. The dating earlier was set at 1960, but I believe that 1977 is the correct year.  “Patience” deck 7.0 x 4.5 cm.

    DK11: Fournier. København/Copenhagen. Ca.1980. Price: € 15.00.  Already quite old touristic deck. Unused in plast box. 52 + 2 +1 cards. Photos on all cards. Compare this to an older deck, also by Fournier, see SP30

DK12 DK12: Se og Hør. Price: € 4.00.  This deck came with a weekly magazine, ca.2010. Caricatures on all cards, of Danish royalty, politicians etc. Unused in box.

DK13  DK13a: Storebælt. 2008. Price: € 6.00.  Jubilee-deck, given to people passing the bridge. Photos on all cards. Mint in box. Three jokers. # DK13b: Price: € 3.00. Same deck. Used, not worn, in box. No jokers

  DK14: DSB. 2000-2010. Price: € 8.00. Television advertisement from 2000 to 2010 for the Danish Railways, with the “doll” named harry. Printed by Carta Mundi. 52 + 2 standard jokers + 1 cards, in box with repaired lid, complete, nearly mint. DK14a: Price: € 6.00. Similar deck, almost mint, 52 + 2 jokers, no box.  

  DK15  DK15: Faxe Fad. 1980s. Price: € 30.00. The Faxe Brewery was the first to introduce draft beer in a can in Denmark. Double set in unopened plast, in worn box. Printed by Coeur in East Germany.  

DK16  DK16: The Fairy Tale of Denmark. Price: € 10.00. Printed by Carta Mundi. Mint deck in plast and box (with traces of labels)  

DK17    DK17a: Skagen Art Museum. Price: €7.00. Unused deck in box. 52 + 2 cards complete. Court cards with samples from the museum. 

DK17b1  DK17b2  DK17b: Skagen Art Museum. Price: €7.00. Unopened deck in box. 52 + 2 cards. Court cards with samples from the museum. 

    DK18: Disney. Egmont. Price: € 4.00. Slightly used deck. 52 cards, 3 jokers, complete. No box. Observe the aces with a blank middle! Gift from the Danish Donald Duck magazine.  

DK19  DK19: Rasmussen. H. C. Andersen. No.330. 2010s. Price: € 4.00. With the double silhuette of H. C. Andersen. Unused and unopened deck in box. Produced in China.

  DK20: Disney. Egmont. Price: € 8.00. Unused deck. 52 cards, 3 jokers. No box. With the Danish Court cards from the company Salomon & Holmblad.

    DK21: Disney. Egmont. Price: € 8.00. Used but OK-deck. 52 cards + 2 jokers in box.

    DK22: Denmark. Price: € 5.00. Two decks of cards with photos. One from all over Denmark and one from the West Coast of Denmark. Both decks are mint, but the first one has no jokers, and the second two jokers. They are also sold separately at € 3.00 each.

  DK23a: Alf Cooke. Danbrit. 1936. Price: € 20.00. The deck is rare in itself, and this is even more special with the uncommon back. Normally it is with the logo of Standard Oil, who originally imported it from England. BUT the deck is VERY dirty and with some bends. No box and no joker.  

    DK24a: Faetter BR. Top-Toy. 2013. Price: € 5.00. Advertisement for a popular Danish Children’s store. Used but not worn deck, much worn box, 2 jokers.  

DK24b  DK24b: Faetter BR. Top-Toy. 2016. Price: € 6.00. Advertisement for a popular Danish Children’s store. Unused deck in box, 2 jokers.  

DK25a  DK25b  DK25a: POBRA. Christmas. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck. Unopened. In plast box.

DK25b  DK25b: POBRA. Christmas. No.7590. Price: € 3.00. Unused  deck in box. 4 jokers. Design by Susanna Hartmann. #

DK26  DK26: Piatnik. Bjorn Wiinblad. € 25.00. Double deck in plast box. With the cover paper. Slightly used. 3 jokers. #

DK27: Anders And. Egmont. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck in box, 52 + 2 cards. Diameter: 7,5 cm.

  DK28: Anders And & Co. 2010?. Price: € 3.00. Childrens deck, 4,5 x 3,1 cm. Unused. I have a deck as the shown, unopened, and an opened deck folded to a box. Printed in China.

Greenland1  Greenland2  DK29: Greenland. KNI. Inukkat. 2019. Price: € 25.00. The unique deck from Greenland displaying the four main regions and with tupilaks as jokers. All designed by Maria Bach Kreutzman. Mint deck.

DK30  SOLD DK30: Air Greenland. 2021.  Price: € 15.00. Mint deck. Printed in China with two traditional Chinese jokers, and ONE “French” joker.

 DK31: J. F. Mayer (1752-83). Dyretarok, Reprint, 1978. Price: €15.00. Animal Tarok. Unopened deck in paper wrapper (The shown deck is from another set, – I have more copies of this deck.)

DK32 DK32: Zise, 2010, nr.2-3. Price: € 3.00. Magazine with my article on Danish card taxes. pp.69-81

  DK33: Future Fashions Scandinavia. 1989. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck in worn box. 1 joker. Produced in China. #

DK34 DK34: Gaderaab/Street Cries. Price: € 6.00. Reprint after original deck from 1830. Unused in box. Playing rules on a sheet. Printed by Carta Mundi.    

  DK36: Greenland. The Coolest Place. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck in plastic wrapper (the shown cards are from my own deck). Two jokers. Almost unavailable outside Greenland. Printed in Taiwan. #

  DK37: Greenland Scenery. Price: € 15.00. A Danish production. Now sold out. Photos on all cards. Unused deck in plastic wrapper (the shown cards are from my own deck). Three jokers. Not easy avaliable outside Greenland. #

  DK38: Greenland. Price: € 10.00. Printed by Carta Mundi. Three jokers. Unopened deck. Not easy avaliable outside Greenland.

  DK39: Greenland. Price: € 10.00. Printed by Carta Mundi. Three jokers. Unopened deck. Not easy avaliable outside Greenland.

  SOLD DK40: Card Playing Couple. Price: € 10.00. From Berliner Spielkarten. Unused deck in very plain box, Three jokers.  

DK41  DK41: Kongekabale. Price: € 3.00. Deck advertising for a Danish TV-series. 52 + 1 joker. Printed in China.  

DK42  DK42: Heimdal Spillekort No.7770. 1953-. Price: €20.00. Used deck with blemishes, in defect box.

      SOLD DK43: Heimdal Spillekort. No.1777.  Ca.1940-44. Price: € 35.00. Design by Gerda Ploug Sarp. LHombre-deck, 40 cards. Used, but nice, with no breaks or bends. #

  SOLD DK44a: Heimdal Spillekort. No.1777.  Ca.1940-44. Price: €60.00. Design by Gerda Ploug Sarp. LHombre-deck, 40 cards. Slightly used in slightly used box.. DK44b: Price €35.00. Same deck. Used, but nice, with no breaks or bends. In worn box.  

DK45a  DK45b  DK45: Corona. Joker. Ca.1950. Price: € 5.00. Single joker from the very rare deck “CORONA” by unknown producer, probably Danish.

DK46  DK46: Lego. Pirate. 2008. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck in box with a rift in the lid. 1 joker only.  

DK47a  DK47b  DK47: Maersk Lines. Price: € 4.00. Unopened deck from the Danish Shipping Line Maersk. Probably printed in the USA. 

DK48  DK48a: Grenaa. GP-Tryk. Ca.1998-99. Price: € 10.00. A deck made by a small factory in Denmark. It sold a few decks also with advertisement, but the design was obviously too bizarre. Design by Lars Sand Kirk. Unused deck in original plastic box. Three jokers, complete.

DK48b  DK48b: Grenaa. GP-tryk. Danapak. Ca.1999. Price: € 10.00. Same deck as DK48a, but with advertisement back. Unused in box. 4 jokers. #

DK49 DK49: TrygFonden. 2010. Price: € 5.00Printed by Piatnik. With advices on bathing. Good advices on all cards. Unused deck in box.   #

DK50  DK50: Normal. 2020. Price: € 2.00. Deck from the Danish low-price-shop-company NORMAL. Unused in box. 4 jokers.

DK51  DK51: MyTravel. Price: € 6.00. Danish/Scandinavian airways. Double deck in box. Unused. 1 joker each. Printed in Taiwan.

DK52  DK52: Post Nord. Valhalla. 2002. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck in plast. Leaflet. All courts with Nordic Gods. Originally illustrations on stamps. #

DK53  DK53: Conair. 1991. Price: € 1.00. Advertisement deck for a Charter Air Company. Used deck in used box. Three standard Piatnik jokers.

DK54  DK54a: KVK. Kemisk Værk Køge. 1979. Price: €60.00. Advertising deck for an “infamous” chemical  factory inDenmark. Now erased. Unused deck in plastic in box. DK54b: Price: € 15.00. Used deck (shown above) i  much used box. Nine of Spades missing. Two jokers with much writing on them.

DK55  DK55: Magnus og Myggen. Price: € 2.00. Children’s programme in TV. Published to support the fight against cancer among children. Unused deck in box. No jokers.

DK56  DK56: Frisko. Carte d’Or. Price: € 5.00. Transparent deck advertising for ice cream. 2 jokers. In plast box. Unused.  

DK61 DK58: Children’s deck. Adolf Holst. Nr.2, ca.1950. Price: € 4.00. I have several, used or slightly used. Either with square or rounded corners. Blue or red back, and with either AKDB or EKDB. Ask for a specific version, and I will see, what I have. 

DK59  DK59: Vikingeskibsmuseet, Roskilde. Ca.2005. Price: €8.00. Unused deck in plast box. Three jokers. All cards with Viking-ship motives from the museum in Roskilde. 

DK60  DK60: Nordisk Papirvare Industri. Vienna Playing Cards. 1953-55. Price: € 5.00. Used deck with no breaks or bends, BUT it has been used for LHombre, so the cards 8-10 have been discarded!. Only 40 cards. In worn box,. 

DK62  DK62a: Children’s deck. Unknown producer. Ca.1930. Price: € 8.00. Unused in poor poor wrapper. Size: 2.9 x 4.4 cm. 52 cards, complete. DK62b: Price: € 2.00. Same deck on a more yellowish cardboard. No wrapper. Queen of Diamonds is missing.

DK53DK62c: Children’s deck. Ca.1930. Price: € 5.00. Unknown producer. Danish? Unused but much yellowed. In worn paper folder. Size: 4,5 x 3,0 cm.

DK63  DK63: Fiskeri & Søfartsmuseet. Esbjerg. Price: € 3.00. From the museum on Fisheries and Seafaring matters. Printed in Hong Kong. Unused. One joker, in plast box.

DK64 DK64: Eremitage Hotel. 1986. Price: € 7.00.  Advertisement and description on all cards. Printed by Svendborg Tryk. Slightly used cards. 2 jokers.

DK65 DK65a: Eremitage Hotel. 1986. Price: € 10.00.  Advertisement and description on all cards. Printed by Svendborg Tryk. Unused cards in nice box. 4 jokers. DK65b: Price: € 6.00. Same deck as DK65a. Unused in box. No jokers.    

DSC06255 DK67: Drinks and Poker. Ca.2008. Price: € 3.00. Published by Unopened deck with drinks on allcards.

 DK68: Christian IV. 1988. This double deck was published in 1988 on the occeasion of the 400th year after the ascension to the throne of King Christian IV. All vourt cards have reproductions of paintings from different castles. All with royalty or statesmen. The jokers are a prominent royal illicit affair!  DK68a: Price: € 25.00. Unused double deck in box with the cover. 4 jokers with 3 men and 1 woman, instead of 2 -2!? 

DK69  DK69: Astrid Pilegaard Larsen. 1979. Gnav. Price: € 30.00. Private edition made by the artist, the first wife of K. Frank Jensen. Unused deck in original folder. 44 cards, complete. Size: 7,3 x 5,2 cm.

DK70  DK70: Fjerde Sø. Ca.1986. Price: € 20.00. Advertsiement deck by an insurance company. KDB with photos of the staff. Two “important” persons on 4 cards and four lesser important (ladies!) on only one card each. Two jokers with a lady + a normal Piatnik joker. In box. Unused. #

DK71  DK71: Anna & Claras Playing Cards. 2018 Price: € 2.00. Danish design (of the box). Chinese produced deck for a Danish chain of shops. Patience size 6 x 4 cm. Unused, 2jokers.

DK79  DK79a: SOLD Dronning Margrethe. Price: € 25.00. This deck is made by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe in 1987 for the ballet “Hyrdinden og Skorstensfejeren” with inspiration from H. C, Andersen. In 1994 the deck was published by The Danish Fugitive Council. The first edition, THIS EDITION, only had two pips. Later it of course was corrected to four pips. This deck therefore is a more rare deck. One deck still in plastic. With leaflet and in box. DK79b: Price: € 20.00. Unused double deck in box. 4 pips.

DK80  DK80: Queen Margrethe. Price: € 20.00. Same deck as DK79, but with English pips, in all four corners. A, K, Q, J. Unused decks in plastic (one is opened to see which pips it is). In original box + leaflet.

DSC09867   SOLD DK82: Larsen Rejser. Ca.2002. Price: € 8.00. Unused cards, in box. Photos on all court cards and jokersDK82a Price: € 3.00. Same deck, used, without jokers. 

DSC09754 DK85: Double deck for Stena Line. Price: € 1.00. Much worn. In box. (The two decks to the right are sold). 

DK104  DK104: Dandy. Price: € 3.00. Used double deck in plast box. Each with 3 jokers. Printed in Belgium by Carta Mundi.

     DK114: Se & Hør. Ca.1984-85 Price: € 15.00 or € 5.00/each. The Magazine Se & Hør Nr.1-5: 1. Extremely worn in defect box. 2. Seem unused in nice box. 3. Unused in worn box. 4. Worn, misses three jokers. 5. New in unbroken plast. 6. Billed Bladet, worn in worn box. 

DK119a   DK119  DK119: Göteborg-Frederikshavn. Waddington. Price: € 6.00 /each. A deck of patience and a normal deck. Both with M. S. Kronprinsessan Ingrid on the reverse. Both decks ar slightly used. Both boxes are worn.  

  DK129: DBU. Landsholdskort / National Soccer Team. 2013. Price: € 8.00. Unopened deck in box. 52 + 2 caricatures on all cards.