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 DK06: Austin Grandjean. 1973. Price: € 100.00. Extremely rare, although not particular pretty! Only printed in 100 copies, as a gift for customers. Here we also have the accompanying leaflet “Kort om Kort” in 30 pages, with extraxts from fiction, where card playing is mentioned. Unused.

  DK07: Dandy. Rock’n Bubble. 1987. Price: € 25.00. Patience cards (7½ x 5 cm) with advertisement for Bubble Gum. Has been inserted in the gum-packets. 52 + 4 unused cards (and of course no box).   

dsc02483 DK09: Steen Eriksen Spillekort. 1977. Price: € 50.00.  Private production in limited amount. The deck came with different reverses. Here with a flag for either Guinea or Mali (depending on how you turn it). 52 cards + a blank card. Unused. (In two decks in my own collection there are 2 jokers in one deck, and in the other 2 joker + 1 blank). No box (and neither have my two decks boxes).   

    DK11: Fournier. København/Copenhagen. Ca.1980. Price: € 15.00.  Already quite old touristic deck. Unused in plast box. 52 + 2 +1 cards. Photos on all cards.

DK12 DK12: Se og Hør. Price: € 4.00.  This deck came with a weekly magazine, ca.2010. Caricatures on all cards, of Dansih royalty,politicians etc. Unused in box.

  DK13: Storebælt. 2008. Price: € 5.00.  Jubilee-deck, given to people passing the bridge. Photos on all cards. Unopened in box.

DK27: Anders And. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck in box, 52 + 2 cards.

DK31b: J. F. Mayer (1752-83). Dyretarok, Reprint, 1978. Price: €15.00. Animal Tarok. Unopened deck in paper wrapper (the shown deck is from another set)

DK32 DK32: Zise, 2010, nr.2-3. Price: € 3.00. Magazine with my artickle on Danish card taxes. pp.69-81 

DK34 DK34: Gaderaab/Street Cries. Price: € 6.00. Reprint after original deck from 1830. Unused in box. Playiong rules on a sheet. Printed by Carta Mundi.

dsc01781 DK40a: Føroyar. Price: € 5.00. The Faroe Islands. Unused deck in box. Probably printed in Hong Kong.

dsc02497 DK40b: Faroe Islands. Price: € 5.00. The Faroe Islands. Unsued deck in box. Probably printed in Hong Kong. 52 cards.

dsc02494 DK40c: Föroya Bjór. Price:  € 8.00. Standard Piatnik deck with advertisement for Faroese Beer. Brewed in Klaskvig. The only brewery on the Faroese Islands. Unused cards in box, three jokers. ::

dsc02495 dsc02496 DK40d: Føroyar. Prisce: € 4.00. Faroe Islands. Unused deck in unbroken plast. No box.

  DK47: J. Timman & Co. 1975. Price: € 30.00. Advertisment deck designed by the (in Denmark) known artist Ronald Als.Unused deck, no box (there never was one), 52 + 2 jokere + 9 advertisement cards. 7,2 x 5,2 cm, thin cardboard.

DK49 DK49: TrygFonden. Price: € 5.00Printed by Piatnik. With advices on bathing. Good advices on all cards. Unused deck in box. DK49a. Price: € 4.00.  Same deck, unused, in worn box  

DK61 DK61: Children’s deck. Adolf Holst. Nr.2, ca.1950. Price: € 4.00. I have several, used or slightly used. Either with square or rounded corners. Blue or red back, and with either AKDB or EKDB. Ask for a specific version, and I will see, what I have.

DK64 DK64: Eremitage Hotel. 1986. Price: € 7.00.  Advertisement and description on all cards. Printed by Svendborg Tryk. Sligthly used cards wit small rifts. 1 joker.

DK65 DK65a: Eremitage Hotel. 1986. Price: € 10.00.  Advertisement and description on all cards. Printed by Svendborg Tryk. Unused cards in nice box. 4 jokers. DK65b: Price: € 6.00. Same deck as DK65a. Unued in box. No jokers.  

DSC06255 DK67: Drinks and Poker. Ca.2008. Pris: Kr.20.00. Udgivet af www.shake-it.dk. Uåbnet spil. Med drinks på alle kort.

DK68 DK68: Christian IV. 1988. Pris: Se neden for. Dette dobbelte kortspil blev udgivet af Bikubefonden i 1988 i 400året for Christian den Fjerdes tronbestigelse. Alle billedkort har reproduktioner af malerier på Frederiksborg Slot, Rosenborg Slot, Gripsholm Slot og Nationalmuseet i Stockholm. Alle med billeder af kongelige og adelige. Jokerne er Corfitz Ulfeldt og Leonora Christina. Komplet med indlagt ‘facitliste’ over portrætterne. Jeg har to spil: DK68a. Pris: Kr.180.00  Let brugte kort, i original plastæske, med knækket låg. DK68b. Pris: Kr.330.00. Med teksthæfte ved Rigsantikvar Olaf Olsen. Ubrugte kort, hvoraf det ene endnu er i plastfolie. Original plastæske. DK68c. Pris: Kr.60.00 Samme spil, gul bagside, enkelt spil, ubrugt i cellofan, ingen æske. This double deck was published in 1988 on the occeasion of the 400th year after the ascension to the throne of King Christian IV. All vourt cards have reproductions of paintings from different castles. All with royalty or statesmen. The jokers are a prominent royal illicit affair! DK68a: Price DKr.180.00. Slightly used double deck, in original plast box, with broken lid. DK68b: Prise: DKR.330.00 With leaflet.Unused double deck of which one still is in its wrapper. Original plast box. DK68c: Price: DKr.60.00 Single deck, unused, unopened wrapper, no box. Yellow.

kai-dige-bach DK69: Kai Dige Bach. Price: € 5.00.  Printed by Piatnik, with a special joker. Otherwise the well known pictures. Unused cards in a box with a rift in one side.   

GPS1 DK76rød: Heimdal. No.777. 1936-ca.1941 . Price: € 25.00. 52 worn and dirty cards, but with no bends. Originally published in 1936 and a few years more (with this number). Two jokers, one with picture and one blank. Defect box, missing the lid, and open in one side. The cards are with the smooth surface, one joker however is with the linen structure. This special design is by the artist Gerda Ploug Sarp. DK76blue: Price: € 25.00 Same cards as above, but with a blue reverse. Used cards in a used box.  Two jokers as in DK76b (one with linen structure)

h76b DK76a: Heimdal. No.7770. 1953-? Price: € 5.00.  Missing the ace of Clubs, K and Q of hearts and four more cards. has two unused jokers. Used cards, in used box. Printed in DDR. but without the factory mark on the 10 of Clubs. 

h76c DK76b: Heimdal. No.7770L, 1953-? Price: € 10.00.  Linen structure. Printed in DDR, but without the factory mark on the 10 of Clubs. Very worn and dirty cards.  

DK79  DK79: Dronning Margrethe. Price: € 25.00. This deck is made by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe in 1987 for the ballet “Hyrdinden og Skorstensfejeren” with inspiration from H. C, Andersen. In 1994 the deck was published by The Danish Fugitive Council. The first edition, THIS EDITION, only had two pips. Later it of course was corrected to four pips. This deck therefore is a more rare deck. Still in plastic (one deck is delicately opened, just to confirm, that it IS the early edition. With leaflet and in box.

dWales1 Danske prinsesse Alexandra. See: EN25

DSC09867   DK82: Larsen Rejser. Ca.2002. Price: € 8.00. Unused cards, in box. Photos on all court cards and jokers. Jeg har også: Brugt spil, uden joker: DK82a Price: € 3.00. Same deck, used, without jokers. 

DSC09754 DK85: Double deck for Stena Line. Price: € 1.00. Much worn. In box. (The two decks to the right are sold).

dfds  DK88: DFDS. Coeur. Price: € 3.00.  Deck with advertisement for DFDS Seaways. Printed in East Germany, i.e. before1989. Unopened deck. (The deck in the middle is sold)

scan0007DK106: Disney. Bjørnebrødre. Price: € 4.00. Unused deckin box. (The shown deck is from my own collection).

DK110 DK110: Mærsk Air. Piatnik. Price: € 1.00. Two worn decks in plast box. 

DK112a DK112: Teo eskimos. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck in worn box. Three jokers. Printed in Germany.

DK113 DK113: Man and wioman. Greenland / Eskimo. Price: € 4.00. Two unused decks. No box. Printed in Belgium.

     DK114: Se & Hør. Ca.1984-85 Price: € 15.00 or € 5.00/each. The Magazine Se & Hør Nr.1-5: 1. Extremely worn in defect box. 2. Seem unused in nice box. 3. Unused in worn box. 4. Worn, misses three jokers. 5. New in unbroken plast. 6. Billed Bladet, worn in worn box.

molsgaard DK116: Mølsgaard Medical / Nuclear Data. 1986. Price: € 15.00.   Advertisement for Hospital and Computers on all cards, either photo or text. Unused in box.     

DK119a   DK119  DK119: Göteborg-Frederikshavn. Waddington. Price: € 6.00 /each. A deck of patience and a normal deck. Both with M. S. Kronprinsessan Ingrid on the reverse. Both decks ar slightly used. Both boxes are worn.

 DK128: Nordisk Papirvare Industri. 1953-56. Price: € 25.00. Anglo-American design. Very little used deck. 52 cards complete, and six jokers! No box. 

  DK129: DBU. Landsholdskort / Nationa Soccer Team. 2013. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in much worn box. 52 + 2 caricatures on all cards.