08: Adolph Wulff

Producerede kort mellem ca.1894 og 1948

08-01: No.13. Before 1918. Printed as L’Hombre, Whist and Idiot-Sexogtres, and with 24, 36, 40 or 52 cards. There are two jokers for the whist deck. The boxes are with the Dondorf-girl with bird, so probaby Dondorf was the printer. Several variations in colour. Some with colour to the border, others with white border. Two versions of the Kjøbenhavn and Adolph Wulff on the Jack of Clubs, – either they are read from the same side, or they are opposing one another. Also there are decks with a heavy font in the producers name, and one with a bright/light font. Also the boxes have a fat or a more “floral” font for the text.


dsc02502 dsc02504 08-02: En variant af 08-01. I have a deck of LHombre with no box, and a deck of whist No.13.

. 08-03: Same deck with changed pips. I have two decks. Both no.13, with 36 cards.

 08-04: With the firm’s name on the Queen of Clubs. A red deck and a blue deck No.10 with 24 cards and a tax stamp “O” = 1931-32. And a blue deck with 36 cards.

  08-05: No firm name on the Queen of Clubs. Two different colours on the reverse. A deck with 24 cards.

Wulff08071 Wulff08072   08-07: No.8. The earliest print may be from ca.1898, printed by Genechten. My “deck”, – and I only have six cards, – has a faint green tax stamp on the Ace of Diamonds, which indicates a date after 1918.

Wulff08081 Wulff08082  08-08: Først trykt af Genechten i Belgien – efter ca. 1920 trykt af Dondorf. Mit spil har grønt toldstempel = efter 1918. Trykket og kortstrukturen minder mest om Genechten.

    08-09:  E, K, D, Kn. Ændrede indices i forhold til 08-08.  Nr.8e. 2 jokere: Et ansigt og en blank. Rød og blå ryg.  Formentlig trykt af Dondorf.

    08-10: Ingen hjørnemarkering for K,D,Kn. Findes med 24 kort til Idiot-66 og med 36 kort til Sjavs eller ’66’. Formentlig trykt af Dondorf.

    08-11: Ingen hjørnemarkeringer. Trykt af Genechten. Jeg har kun med rød bagside. Findes også med illustrationer på esserne.

    08-12: No.75. Luxuskort. L’Hombre or Whist. Printed by Dondorf 1910-1930. Blue or red reverse with the AW monogram.

08-12-0  08-12-0: No.75. Luxuskort. L’Hombre. 1910. This version has NO pips.

      08-13xx   08-13: No.75. Luxuskort. The deck comes as whist with 52 cards and one joker (either as a figure or a blank card), and as LHombre with 40 cards. Pips: E, K, D, Kn. Blue or red back. Either full white or with a yellow colour and a white frame. Big or small letters on the lid.

08-13-0  08-13-0: No.75. Luxuskort. White on white. The pips are slightly thicker. Just a little, but distinctly enough!

  08-15: No.75. Luxuskort. Patience. Blue or red back. 52 cards. 7,4 x 4,9 cm.

08-17  08-17: [No. 60]. = 08-16. With indices INSIDE the frame. Blue back. My deck is with 24 cards for the game of “66”.

DSC01161 DSC01163 DSC01162  08-18: Elite No.80. Perhaps published ca.1920. There are the following versions: Whist with 52 +1 card, L’Hombre with 40 cards. Pale green or pale red, with either linen or smooth surface, + either with a plain crème background or a background with narrow light brown/yellow stripes.

     08-22: No.12.  Findes til Lhombre og Whist. Mindst 6 forskellige bagsider. Med og uden hjørnemarkeringer. Trykt i England, formentlig. Desuden også trykt hos Lattmann.

        08-25: Superfine Spillekort for Børn. Børnespillekort No.25. Jeg har den med to forskellige bagsider.

Ikke i KFJ

Wulff 70 No.70. Formentlig trykt 1903. Billederne er af kunstneren Hans Nikolaj Hansen.