EN07: Secrets. Movie Magazine. 1935. Price: € 65.00. Fortune Telling Cards, 3,2 x 4,4 cm. Printed by Universal Playing Card Co. as inserts for the Movie Magazine “Secrets”, and therefore difficult to get all 52 cards! All cards are with moviestars, mainly from Hollywood . I know Clark Gable, Maurice Chevalier, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Gary Cooper, Robert Montgomery, Bette Davis, and Leslie Howard. And you may know others. The full list you can see here: http://immortalephemera.com/movie-collectibles/1935-secrets-magazine-mini-playing-cards/  — I have 52 cards BUT only 39 different. I am missing S2,6,9 and H7,K,A and C3,8,Q and D2,7,9,Q – on the other hand I have duplicates of S5,7,K and H3,9,Q and C6,10,J,A and D3,4,J – The basic “deck” of 39 cards I only sell together at DKr.450, and the duplicates I sell at DKr.10 a piece. Alle cards are used, but not worn. – You may ask for separat scans of specific actors.

  EN08: Fleet Street. The “Chad Valley” Games. 1921. Price: € 25.00. In original double box. Little used. Complete with 48 cards.

EN09: De La Rue. Golliwog. Ca.1905. Price: € 50.00. Used deck, 1 card with big dent (shown), 1 with a lesser. 48 cards, no box.

arpak EN10: ArPak Playing Card Co.. 1927-35. Price: € 5.00.  The firm published some very special decks – and broke its neck because of that! Here are EIGHT single cards. Worn and all with patches on the reverse after having had adhesives on them

DSC00744 EN11: Fergie og Andrew. 1986. Price: € 8.00. Published on the occassion of the engagement. A bit rare – after yet another royal divorce. Slightly used. In box with cloth cover. Produced by ASS.  

      EN12: Peter Gurney, London. PANKO or Votes for Women. The Great Card Game, Suffragist v. Anti-Suffragists. Pictures by E.T.Reed, Punch. Ca.1910. Price: € 250.00. Used deck, ie. faded or blackened cards, but with no breaks or bends. 48 cards, complete (8 x 6), with pictures of Pankhurst, Churchill and other notabilities. Instruction sheet. The original box, broken and dirty.

cooke-indianer EN13: Alf Cooke. Price: € 1.00. A very very dirty deck, but interesting because of the Indian on the reverse, in Art Deco-style. 52 cards, no box. Probably from the 30-40s.    

  EN14: John Waddington, Leeds & London. Player’s Please. 1930s. Price: € 25.00. Typical advertisement. Smoking girl! 52 + joker, used cards, but just a little used. No breaks etc.  Worn, original box, with the written text “Bewick Lodge”, so the deck must have been played with in the Lake District!

EN15 EN15: London. De La Rue. Patience. Price: € 10.00Patience cards, 7 x 5 cm. Unused in original double box. Complete with 2 x 52 cards, one single card is smudged, but otherwise all is unused and pretty. There is added to extra cards, and three advertisements for “the newest book” on patience. I don’t know the age, but would suggest the 50s or before. 

  EN16a: Counties of England. 3rd Series. Ca.1880. Price: € 25.00. Used deck, but with no serious breaks or bends. 78 + text card, complete. No box. Delightfully coloured scenes of old England.  

  EN16b: Counties of England. 4th Series. Southern. John Jaques & Co. Ca.1880. Price: € 25.00. Used deck. No box. 61 + 2 cards, complete. Instruction card, and advertisement sheet.

  EN16c: The Counties of England. 3rd Series. Jacques & Son. Price: € 15.00. Used deck in original box.

EN17 EN17: De La Rue. Pearson. Price: € 5.00. Older British advertisement deck in a booklike cover, with the title “Diamonds are Trumps” and the author Hugo Knapp! Used cards. One joker.

EN18 EN18: Waddington. The Forth Bridge and Westminster Bridge. Price: € 10.00This double deck is quite special. On the Ace of Spades it says “London & North Eastern Railway”, so it has probably been sold on the trains. Probably befor WWII. 52 cards, used, no box.

EN19 EN19: Pan. Price: € 10.00. Two decks without the name of a producer. 2 x 52 cards in original boxes. Worn. Both with nice Art Deco – motif: A whistling Pan or Satyre with dancing elves in moonlight. 

EN20: Waddington. Fingerprints. Ca.1970. Price: € 10.00. The deck was produced for a conference in Scotland for experts in fingerprints. Normal design, unused cards iin a pretty velour-box.

EN22: Ireland. John Hinde. Price: € 1.00. Only 52 cards (no jokers) with different photos. Unused, in box. Printed in China.

EN23: Waddington/Grimaud. Hector de Trois. Repr. 1974. Price: € 10.00. Unused reproduction, in box, 52 + 2 +1 cards.

EN24a: Waddington. Ferrry: Göteborg-Frederikshavn. M.S. Kronprinsessan Ingrid. Ca.1936-40. Price: € 10.00.  Used deck, 52 cards, no jokers (if there ever were any). Worn box.

EN24b: Waddington Patience Playing Cards. Göteborg-Frederikshavn. M.S. Kronprinsessan Ingrid. Ca.1936-40. Price: € 8.00. Used deck, 3 jokers, worn box. Size: 6,8 x 4,5 cm.

  EN24c: Waddington Patience Cards. Göteborg-Frederikshavn. Prinsessan Margaretha. Ca.1955-62. Price: € 3.00. Used deck, worn box without lid. 2 jokers. Size: 6,8 x 4,5 cm.

dsc02508 dsc02509 EN25: De La Rue & Co. Alexandra. 1863. Price: € 150.00. This very rare deck was published in 1863 on the occassion of the marriage between the Danish princess Alexandra and the Prince of Wales, the later Edvard VII. The reverse shows the Danish royal arms. 52 cards, complete, a few cards have small dents along the edge.

EN26 EN26: Goodall. Salon Playing Cards. Price: € 2.00. Used deck in defect box.

EN27b  EN27a EN27: Brocades. Price: € 14.00 /each Two decks, one with a red reverse, and the other with a blue. Produced by Piatnik, Austria, for a company by the name of Brocades. Each colour has its own colour and vice versa. Very interesting deck. Two jokers to each deck. No box. Unused.

EN28 EN28: Waddington. Price: € 2.00. With ad for golf clubs of the design True Temper. 52 cards, used, in worn box with scribbling on it.

DSC00305 EN29Price: € 1.00/each Four British decks. John Bull ad for tyres. VERY dirty and defect after having been glued together. Red and green decks from Universal Playing card Co.. The red is VERY dirty, 1 joker – the greenis worn, 2 jokers. Finally the Blue Boy from Waddington. Unused, but missing the 2 and King of Hearts.

EN30a1: Alf Cooke Price: € 2.00/each. Two decks from Alf Cooke, almost unused. 

  EN30a2: Alf Cooke. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck. 2 jokers, complete. In box like EN30a1

    EN30b2: Price: € 1.00. Club-de-Luxe No.601. Worn, in worn box. (2+1 card shown to the right) EN30b3: Price: € 2.00. Crown. De la Rue. Unused in torn box. (1+1 card shown to the right.

  EN30c: Universal Playing Card Company. Price: € 2.00. Fabric finish. 52 + 1 joker + 1 score card. Used deck in box.

DSC00248 EN31: London. Price: € 1.00/each. Six decks about London. Four decks are unused, two used (The black/red London and the deck with 6 photos). All decks are in boxes. The dck with 6 photos misses the 2 of spades, but has a joker. The deck with the yellow frame is sold).

DSC00743 EN32: Universal Playing Card Co. Price: € 2.00. Older deck with exotic dancer in front of a mosque with minaret. Worn deck, no box.

EN33 EN33: Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd. Price: 10.00.  This antique deck “Coronation Playing Cards” was printed in 1923 at the wedding of Prins Alberts (the later King Georg VI) with the non-royal Elizabeth Bower-Lyon. 52 slightly used cards. No box.

EN34 EN34: Madame Tussaud. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck in box. Three jokers.

EN35: Waddington. Price: € 1.00. Used deck in beautiful box. Pretty design on the reverse. 2 jokers. 

  EN36: Carreras. Cigarette Inserts with Domino. 1929. Price: € 30.00. Unused. Missing: Diamond8/Club3. Duplicate: Diamond9/Club2.

EN37 EN37a: Oxford. Price: € 2,00. Unused deck in box. The heraldic signs for the colleges. Printed in Hong Kong. EN37b: Queen Elizabeth II. Price: € 4.00  Printed on the occasion of her marriage in 1977. Unused deck in box. Printed in East Germany.

DSC01135 EN38: Oxford. Price: € 2.00. The reverse with heraldic signs for the different colleges in Oxford. Unused cards in box. Two jokers.

EN39 EN39: Rock Circus. Price: € 3.00.  Published in connection with an exhibition in the Madame Tussaud Vox Cabinet. Unused deck in plast box. Printed in Belgium.

DSC01134 EN40: Duke of Edinburgh. Repr.2003. Price: € 25.00.  This deck originally was published in 1874, – here in a reproduction from 2003, which came in a limited number, as the deck was for an international meeting. Unused cards in box.

DSC01245 EN41: Jack Hylton. Waddington. Price: € 10.00. Older round cards are always a bit rare. The firm Waddington tried to make them popular. This deck is from the 30s with advertisement for His Master’s Voice and the popular singer Jack Hylton (1892-1965). Used deck, one joker which is bent. 6 of Spades is missing. No box. 

    EN42: John Waddington Ltd. Tha Laughing Cavalier. 1931/32. Price: € 5.00. Quite a dirty deck, but the joker is unused. Danish tax stamp with an “E” showing it to be from 1931-32. In an elaborate box with the reverse painting under “glass”.

DSC01254 EN43: Posters from WWI. Price: € 15.00. A fabulous deck, with posters on all cards. From The Imperial War Museum. Unused in box. On the lid it says, that it was bought in 1999. Produced by Carta Mundi.

dsc01788 EN44: Cambridge. Price: € 3.00. A double deck with the heraldic signs from the Colleges of Cambridge. 2 x 52 worn cards.

dsc01778 EN45: Waddington. Rondo. Price: e 3.00.  52cards + 2 jokers. Worn and dirty.  

  EN46c: Ca.1960? Price: € 4.00. Used deck, no box. 1 joker.

dsc01779  EN47a: British Airways. Price: € 8.00. “The History of Passenger Flight Playing Cards”. Unused deck in box. With airplanes on all cards, and a list of names. 2 special jokers.Produced by Carta Mundi. EN47b: Price: € 6.00 Same deck sligthly used. Produced by Carta Mundi. EN47c: Price: € 8.00 Same deck with the British flag on the reverse. Produced by Waddington

 EN49: Enid Blyton: The Famous Five. 1950s. Price: € 30.00. Slightly used deck. With instuction sheet. Torn box, missing the lid and half of the back.

  EN50: Waddington. Capstan. Ca.1935. Price: € 3.00. Advertisement for Capstan Tobacco. Missing 5, 10 and Queen of Hearts. Worn cards, no box.

  EN51: Thos. de la Rue. “Reflex” Playing Cards. Ca. 1920. Price: € 6.00. Giant Indexes. Flaxette Finish. Used deck in worn box. 52 cards.

  EN52: Universal Playing Card Co.Ltd., Pictorial Series. Price: € 4.00. Slightly used deck, 52 + 2 jokers in nice box.

    EN53: Jack Of All Trades.  Ca.1920. Price: € 20.00. Beautiful cards and pictures from the time. Original box. 52 cards complete + instruction sheet.

 EN54: The Royal Pavilion at Brighton. Ca.1970. Price: € 6.00. All court cards with early caricatures of Royalty. 52 + 2 unused cards in box. Printed in Belgium.  

  EN55: Paramount. Gulliver’s Travels. 1939. Price: € 10.00. Very little used deck. Instruction sheet. Much damaged box.

 EN56: England. Waddington. Ca.1930. Price: € 5.00. 52 cards. Worn. No box.

 EN57: England. Alf Cooke. Park Lane. Ca.1932. Price: € 5.00. Used cards in original box. 2 Jokers. 

EN59: Olympic Playing Card Calendar. Moscow. Waddington. 1980. Price: € 15.00.  Unused deck with calendar for 52 weeks on the backs. No box. 2 jokers.  

EN60: Great Britain Invitation. Ca.1972. Price: € 3.00. Photos on all cards. 52 +3 + map of England. In plastic box. Unused, with golden corners.

   EN61: Park Lane. The Superior. Alf Cooke. Ca.1950. Price: € 5.00. Used, but not worn. 52 + 2 cards. Damaged box.  

  EN62: De La Rue. Crown. Price: € 3.00. Lightly used deck. 52 + 1 joker, in worn box.  

  EN63: RNLI. Price: € 5.00. This deck was printed “Exclusively for the RNLI by Carta Mundi”. Royal National Lifeboat Institution. 52 cards, used, no box.

  EN64: Andrew Jones Art. Art for the earth. 1992. Price: € 30.00. Art on all cards.Unused deck in box. Complete with two jokers, a text card and a small leaflet.

  EN65: The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards. SINGLE CARDS. 1897: € 10.00, 1911: € 6.00, 1940: € 15.00, 1952: € 6.00, 1957: € 4.00, 1977: € 4, 1982 (2 kort/cards): € 25.00   

  EN68: Changing the Guard. Pricer: € 1.00. Much worn deck, 1 joker + score card, no box.

EN69: John Player. Design Nick Price. Ca.1985. Price: € 15.00Tobacco advertisment of the most exquisite sort. Delightful design. Unused. Two jokers and a textcard. No box.  Produced by Carta mundi.   

  EN74: Waddington. The Collectors Pack of Antiques. Ca.1975. Price: € 8.00. Double deck in box. All cards with pictures of antiques. Unused. 

  SOLD EN75: Waddington. Hollywood Greats. 1985. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck in original box. 52 + 2 + 1 cards, complete.  Caricature on all court cards + jokers

  EN76: Chiromancy / Palmistry. Ca.1900. Price: € 80.00. Faded cards, but otherwise in good condition. 74 cards. No box. 6,4 x 8,9 cm.

  EN80: South Sea Bubble. Repr.1972. Price: € 10.00. Reprint of a deck from 1720. Unused in box.

  EN81: Knavery of the Rump. Repr.1978. Price: € 10.00. Reprint of a deck from 1679. Unused in box.

  EN82: The Scottish Historical Playing Cards. 1976. Price: € 20.00 . 52 + 2 + 1 unused cards in original box. With a leaflet giving the names of persons on all court cards. Produced by Carta Mundi.

  EN84: Alf Cooke. Player’s. Price: € 1.00Much worn, dirty and damaged deck. No box. Missing: Ace and Queen of Clubs, 3 of Diamonds and King of Spades. 

EN85: Johnny English. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck. 52 cards only. No box. Photos on all cards.

  EN86: 007. 2002. Price: € 3.00. Photos from James Bond Films 11-19. 52 cards only. Unused, in box. Printed by Carta Mundi.

  EN87: 007. Casino Royale. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck in box. 52 cards only. Printed by Carta Mundi

  EN88: 007. 2002. Price: € 3.00. Photos from James Bond Films 1-10. 52 cards only. Unused in box. Printed by Carta Mundi

  EN89. 007. Die Another Day. 2002. Price: € 6.00. Photos on all cards. Unused in box. 52 + 2 jokers + Cast card. Printed by Carta Mundi. Same deck with only 52 + jokers. Price: € 5.00

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