10: Warburg – Emil Jensen (EJKA)

Producerede kort 1929-1957.
10-01 Warburg’s Skandinaviske Bridgekort / L’hombrekort.
This deck is with a red or a blue back. Both with viking-like intertwining rings. The front of the box varies, especially with the text in the lower central field. I have the numbers 1933, and as listed on the bottom: 11, 12, 13 and 19, – but also a number 14 exists. The texture of the cards may be either smooth or with a linen surface. The pips are A, K, D, B. The Whist decks have a blank card and a joker, similar to the one used by Chas. Goodall, England, the firm which probably has printed the decks The most usual version to find has coloured faces on all court cards.
DSC01191 DSC01187 DSC01188 DSC01190
The deck is also found with all faces white, and I even have a deck where half is coloured and half is white, – and this in a deck that I do NOT think has been mixed.
DSC01189 DSC01190 DSC01192
Warburg’s Danske Bridgekort.
This is a variant of 10-01. The pips are Es, K, D, B. The back has a pattern, that later became the standard Warburg pattern. It has the shown joker + a blank. An advertisement  card is inserted, – stressing them to be Danish made.
DSC01193 DSC0119410-02c
Warburgs Danske Bridgekort. EJKA  1944.
This pattern has no variants, but the numbers change, with no visible reason. I have the numbers 221, 421, 621 and 821. The blue box 221 is special, while the rest only vary slightly, especially in the way they show, that they are DANISH. This was important for many customers, and was shown by using the Thor-hammer or by inserting a separate card (like the King of Diamonds) telling the deck being Danish and patented. There were two jokers, the shown and a blank.
10-031  10-032  10-033  10-034
The inserted cards could be with or without a flap at the top. I have the shown specimens from10-03 + a Queen of Diamonds where the top flap has been cut off.:
Warburgs Luxus Bridgekort. Design by Barbara McDonald. Printed in England. Ca.1930. 
warburg-luxus1 warburg-luxus2