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us092  us091  US09: Kinney Harlequin II Playing Cards. 1889. Price: € 250.00. Transformation Cards. Published by Kinney Tobacco Company. 52 cards, no wrapper, very much worn and dirty. Four of Clubs has a corner broken off (attached on the picture). I could make a praising description – but the cards do talk for themselves. Rare deck, sold at high prices on auctions.

US10: Fortune Telling. Ca.1900. Price: € 15.00. “Homemade” cards with drawings glued onto them. The drawings have been printed for the same purpose. 29 out of 34 cards (missing no.6, 8, 9, 21 and 31)

US11a: Bitch Cards. Price: € 8.00. Double deck in plast box. Sligthly used = Browsed. Text and illustration on all cards. Printed in Belgium.

US11b: You know you’re over forty when ..  1988. Price: € 6.00. Double deck in box. Unused. Text and illustration on all cards.

US12a  US12b  US12c  US12: New Orleans and Gulf Souvenir. Price: € 50.00. Sligthly worn deck in original, worn box. The cards still have the nice golden edges. Rare deck. Remnants of an American tax stamp from the period 1894-1917. This deck would be from 1916. All cards have photos. The Joker with the famous parade at Mardi Gras.

  US13: H. V. Loring. The Military Fortune Telling Cards. 1916/18. Price: € 40.00. Unused deck, in a box with part of the front missing. 52 + 4 cards, as there are both Aces and 1’s. Complete. Half a tax stamp US.

US16a   US16b US14: New York World’s Fair. Souvenir Views. 1939. Price: € 60.00. A rare deck. 52 slightly used cards + 1 joker. In original, worn, golden cardboard box with imprint of the World’s Fair. Photos on all cards. This deck is a rarity as it has a blue Danish tax stamp, which probably is because it has been taken by customs when coming to Denmark, probably in a train from Hamburg. 

US14a US14a: Price: € 60.00. Same deck as US14, in the same kind of box, also only sligthly used. No tax stamp.

US14b: New York World’s Fair. 1964. Price: € 20.00. 52 + 2 unused cards, no box.

US15 US15: Peto Seed Co., Saticoy, California. Price: € 8.00. Two decks in plast box. Published by Brown & Bigelow. Advertises for hybrid vegetables. One deck almost unused, the other slight used. Probably from the 50s.

 US16: Spaniel og Rose. Price: € 2.00. Two unused decks in plast box. The dog is printed by Trump (!) in USA, 52 cards. The rose by Graphica, Canada, 52 cards.

US17 US17: Regime Change. 55 Most Wanted War Criminals. Price: € 30.00. This deck might be published by as an ‘answer’ to the “Iraqi Most Wanted”-decks. Here the war criminals are George Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Cheney, Blair, Sharon, Berlusconi and many others. Pictures on all cards. 52 + 2 unused in box. 

US18: The Stage Playing Cards. Cincinatti. 1896. Price: € 50.00.  On all court cards there are pictures of the greatest actors of the time. A rare and expensive deck. King of Spades is missing. Used/worn cards, but without bends, only smudge. In a box that looks original (the bottom cards has gone off, but is in the box, and can easily be glued on again).

US19 US19: Taiwan. (Iraq’s Most Wanted). Price: € 12.00. A variant to the original version. Bigger pictures and other pips. 52 + 2 unused cards in box. The reverse with the same pattern aas the box. 

  US20: Tiffany & Co. Harlequin deck. Ca.1971. Price: € 25.00. Slightly used cek, no box, 52 + 2 jokers, complete. Golden edges.

US21 US21: Hoyle. Iraqi Most Wanted. Price: € 15.00. The Firm Hoyle’s version of the deck. Unopened in box, with no text on it. #

US22A  US22B US22: Hoyle. Iraqi Most Wanted. Price: € 20.00. The Firm Hoyle’s version of the deck. The box has pictures and text. Unused deck with two jokers. #

US23 US23: (Hoyle. Iraqi Most Wanted). Price: € 10.00. Unused deck i anonymous box. The jokers reveal them to be from the firm Hoyle. 2 jokers and a blank. 

    US24: Elfin Deck ofLore. Etaceh Cards. 2001. Price: € 15.00. Unused deck + booklet + original box.

US25 US25: SPEBSQSA. Price: € 4.00. Deck for promoting Barbershop Music. Worn cards in original box.

DSC07913  DSC07914 US26: The Best of Country Music. Price: € 4.00. All the well-known singers. Pictures on all cards. Unused in worn box.

DSC07922 US27: Creating. Price: € 10.00. Each and everfy card with patterns for a Letter. Also on the reverse. Unused cards in box.

DSC00741 US28: Regal & Wade. Magnetic deck. Price: € 10.00. This is an early version og magnetic playing cards, – i.e. with a thin metal sheet in the middle. Funny idea. The deck is of course heavier than normal. Quite worn deck. Two jokers. No box.   

    US29: llewellyn Publs. The Wisdom of Solomon the King. Design: Priscilla Schwei. 1988. Price: € 200.00. I simply don’t understand the prices for this book+deck. On the net, at Amazon and others, they are € 5-600 ??!! When this set was bought – in October 1988 – the price was $ 14.95 !! Unused, cards complete, booklet unread. The outer case is loose. My price may be ridiculously low, – but so be it. 

  US30: California Souvenir. Ca.1927. Price: € 3.00. Californian Vineyard on the reverse. Much used deck. 52 cards with photos on all of them. BUT with Danish text on all cards! No box.

DSC01079 US31: Statue of Liberty, New York. Price: € 3.00. Double deck in box, unused. Printed in Canada.

US32 US32: Flickers. 1974. Price: € 3.00. Movie stars on all cards. Unused deck, with BLUE back (the shown red back is sold). 

      US33: Consolidated Card Company. Samuel Hart & Co. 1919. Price: € 80.00. One deck in a leathery box with room for two decks in the bottom, and a score card on top. the box was bought in an upper-class warehouse in Copenhagen, probably in the summer of 1919, as there is a calendar with the deck, showing July 1919 to June 1920. Unused deck with golden edge. Danish green tax stamp = after 1918. One joker, complete.  

  US34: Teuila Fortune Telling Cards. The U.S.Playing Card Co. 1923. Price: € 60.00. This unique and much-sought deck is in good shape. Only used little or not at all. The inner box is fine. The outer box is worn. 45 cards, complete + original leaflet. Golden edges.

  US35: Zolar’s Planetary Fortune Telling Cards. Ca.1940. Price: € 10.00. Worn red box,. 32 cards complete.

  US36: The U. S. Playing Card Co. Congress Playing Cards. 606. 1926-27. Price: € 30.00. This narrow version was only published from 1917 to 1927, – many with the popular scenic backs. Used, but nice deck, with a joker, a blank, a score card and a card of guarantee. In original box. Stll with lots of gold on the edges.

  US37: Pixie’s astounding Lenormand. By Edmund Zebrowski. 2015. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck + small booklet in metal boz. 36 cards, complete.

US38: Mixies. Things that go. Ca. 1985. Price: € 3.00. A game where you have to collect the rear, the middle and the front of different airplanes. Unused in worn box.

DSC00255 US39: Nashville. Price: € 1.00 for all four decks. Four decks advertising for Nashville. All unused, all in plast boxes. NO JOKERS

US40 US40: CIA. 2003. Iraqi Most Wanted. Price: € 30.00. THE original, the first, the real. Unopened.

US41: The Bostonian, – and The Ducks. Price: € 1.00/each. Two unused decks. No box.

  US42: Bo-Tree Productions. Ladies Home Companion Playing cards. 1972. Price: € 10.00. One deck ONLY, in double box. Unused cards, loose box. Male photos on all cards. 2 jokers.

US43: Floral. Sheraton. Price: € 1.00. 2 x 52 cards in box, much worn.

DSC09724 US44: Arrco Playing Card Co.. Price: € 4.00. Designed for card-tricks, so there are several duplicates of the cards. About 45 in all, no box.

US Corbis US45: Ca. 1999. Price:€ 10.00. Corbis Images wan owned by Bill Gates. It was/is the world’s biggest collection of pictures/photos/movies. The firm is sold to China. This deck has 13 photos from the collection. The same 13 used on all four series. Unused but sligthly yellowed along the edge. In box.

dsc01785 US46: Bicycle. Uncle Sam. Price: €  2.00. Normal wide American deck. 52 woen cards in worn box. One joker.

  US47: Lhombre. No.H2807. Price: € 2.00. Older American deck. 40 cards. Worn. No box.

dsc01786 US48: U. S. Playing Card Co.. Price: € 2.00. Indian Summer. Double deck in box. Used for lhombre, and therefore only with 40 cards each.

  US49: Lenormand. Ca.1880. Price: € 100.00. Unknown producer. No box. 53 of 54 cards (10 of Clubs is missing). Nine cards are missing a corner or in other ways maltreated. The cards are yellowed, but not seriously worn. And — not an ordinary deck.

dsc02200 dsc02201 dsc02202 US50: PIT. Price: € 5.00An American family-game, from around 1920. Old and worn, – but it does look interesting. In box.

  US51: ARRCO Playng Card Co. Victory Playing Cards. 1945. Price:  € 60.00. The iconic joker with Hitler and Mussolini IS MISSING, so in my opinion the deck looses half of its value! But apart from that: Almost unused deck, golden edges, no box, one joker.

scan0003 US52: Made in USA. No.F2833. Price: € 1.00. Unknow producer. Very much worn deck. No box. Strangely there are two 9 of Spades but no 9 of Clubs!

dsc02233 US53: Kent. Price: € 2.00.  Double deck in plastic box, with an unusual design on the back. I suppose it to be Indian?! Used/worm cards. Produced by Kent.

dsc02422 US54a: Seattle. Price: € 1.00 – (Oregon is SOLD)  Unused decks in box.

  US55: Liberty Bell Oil Company. Congress Cards. 1960s. Price: € 10.00. . Unused deck, with silver lining, 52 + 3 cards, complete, in special box. American tax stamp.

  US56: The Best of Country Music. Hong Kong. 1978. Price: € 10.00. Photos on all 52 + 2 cards, in box.

 US57: Chippendales. 1984. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck in box.

 US58: Politicards. 1971. Price: € 20.00. Caricatures on all cards. F.ex. Eisenhower, Hoover, Kissinger. Spiro T.Agnew, Nixon, Jane Fonda etc. Unused deck in box. Two jokers and a namelist.

  US59: A. Dougherty. Bridge No.345. Price: € 50.00. This is the first time #345 was printed in colour. This version only for a few years. With an interesting GREEN border! Mint deck. No box. 52 + joker + score card + the original tax stamps mounted separately.

  US60: Crooked Deck Playing Cards. 1969-80. Price: € 10.00. This deck was bought in 1980, and the copyright was from 1969. Unused deck in slightly worn box. Two jokers, complete.

 US63: Graphic Shuffle. Colorado 1978. Price: € 10.00. Exciting motifs on each and every card. In a certain sense hippie-like. 52 + 2 cards + text card. No box.

 US64: Florida Souvenir. Ca.1952. Price: € 15.00. Colour fotos on all cards, from Florida. 52 +2 unused cards, no box.

 US65: Price: € 2.00/ each. . New Mexico, 52 +2 cards, unused, in slightly used box, printed in Hong Kong, –  Washington D. C. 52 + 2 cards, used, in plast box. Printed in Hong Kong.

 US66: Empire Entertainment. 1986. Price: € 10.00.  A deck with a poster on all cards. Posters from Horror films and the like. 52 + 2 unused cards in box.

US67: Notched Construction Set. Early Americana. Price: € 5.0044 cards (of 54), all with six notches, so that you can build with them. All cards with paintings etc on them. 10 cards are missing, but this makes no difference in building! Printing looks like 60-70s.

US68: California. M. Rieder. Ca.1911. Price: € 15.00. Photos on all cards. Dirty and worn. 52 + 1 joker + a text-card. No box.

   US69: Stancraft. Split Deck. 1979. Price: € 10.00. A weird deck. Unused cards, 52 + 2, no box. Also a leaflet on how to use these cards.   

  US71: The Green Hornet. Edu-cards. 1966. Price: € 20.00. All cards with photos from the tv-series, either on the whole card or inserted on the court cards. 52 + 2. Unused in repaired box.

US72: Wehman. Fortune-Telling Cards. 1948. Price: € 20.00. There are 35 unused cards, Queen of Diamonds is missing. No wrapper.

  US73: Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards. Ca.1950. Price: € 15.00This deck has come in several editions, but this one (bought in 1977) is among the elder. Unused cards in original box. Complete, with instruction leaflet.

  US74: Up-to-date Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. Whitney Reed Chair Co. Ca.1880. Price: € 30.00. Used deck, complete, 30 cards with instruction sheet. 

  US77a: Travel Face Deck. ASI9050.  1975. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in box, 52 + 2 cards, all with English, French and Spanish phrases.

  US77b: Safety Face Deck ASI9050.  Price: € 5.00. Safety precautions of all kinds. Unused deck in box.

  US78: Squeezers. No.352. Ca.1910. Price: € 6.00. ONLY 44 cards! (from the court cards the King od Clubs and the Ace of Spades are missing). In defect original box. Much worn and with corners missing.

  US79: Purina Cat Food. 1983. Price: € 4.00. Ordinary deck, printed by the company Stardust. Unused, in box, 13 different cats. 

US81: Reagan’s Rogues Gallery. Robert Billingsley. 1987. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck in original paper wrapping. No.229 of 350 printed decks.

  US82: Polish Playing Cards. Ca.1975. Price: € 6.00. Special design for Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. Printed in Hong Kong. 2 jokers, unused, in box.  

  US85: Back to Country. Country Club. Ca.1975. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in box, 52 + 2 cards. With celebrities on all court cards.   .

  US87: Dogs and Foxes. Combination Card Game Factory, Atlanta, Ga. Ca.1903. Pris: Kr.80.00. Let brugte kort, i pænt repareret æske. 52 + 1 + regler komplet. Slightly used cards in nicely repaired box. 52 + 1 + rules, complete.  

  US89: Aesops Fabler. Facs.1983. Pris: Kr.60.00. Ubrugt genoptryk af kortspil med mange af Æsops fabler. Sød lille sag. I “gammel” indpakning. Unused reprint of a deck with many of the Fables of Aesop. Nice little item in “old” wrapping.    

  US91: Leo Burnett. Ca.1980. Pris: Kr.40.00. Udgivet af et international reklamebureau, med billedkort på alle kort! Ubrugt, i æske. Published by an international advertising company. With court cards on all cards. Unused in box.        

  US96: Harley Davidson. 2003. Pris: Kr.60.00. Eet spil kort, ubrugte i æske OG i dobbelt metalæske. Fotos på alle billedkort. 52 + 2 + 2 kort. ONE deckof cards, unused, in double metal card-box. Photos on all court cards. 52 + 2 +2 cards.    

  US100: Kennedy Cards. Humor House. 1963. Pris. Kr.400.00. Venlige karikaturer på alle billedkort og esser. Ubrugte kort + joker + tekstkort, i pæn æske med amerikansk toldmærke. Friendly caricatures on all court cards and aces. Unused deck + joker + text card, in nice original box with American tax stamp.

    US99: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. 1981. Pris: Kr.30.00. Ubrugte kort i æske.  52 + 2 + 2 kort, komplet. Unused deck in box. 52 + 2 + 2, complete.

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