Handa (DKH)

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DKH10a: Handa. Nr.32. 1945-49. Price: € 3.00. This deck is ready for discarding. BUT: The first deck from Handa came in 1944, and this is the second/third version from ca.1945-50. Simple colouring. Queen of Hearts with dark hair, AND the King of Cubs with an axe, instead of the later sceptre. 51 cards+ joker, King of Hearts missing, no box. VERY VERY much dirty, broken and with rifts, – but funny/interesting: The deck has been “shaved”, i.e. sent for rejuvenation, where the corners and edges have been “shaven” clean. Therefor the rounded, irregular shape. 

DKH10b  DKH10b: Handa, Nr.32. 1945-49. OBS: Blue reverse. Price: € 11.00.  Much used but basically OK. 54 cards, complete, with the two jokers, of which one is blank. in box.

    DKH11a: CARDS FOR THE BLIND. Ca.1960.  Price: € 50.00. Blue reverse. Deck for the blind, with dots on every card. Unused, in box. 3 jokers. DKHb11b: Price: € 40.00. Red reverse. Used, but very nice, in worn box. 3 jokers. Same pattern as DKH54 DKH11c: Price: € 40.00. Blue reverse. Same as DKH11b. DKH11d: Price: € 35.00. Red reverse. Same as DKH11b but much worn and repaired box.

DKH12a: Baby Size. No.85. Price: € 1.00NO joker, Diamond 3 and 9 are missing, defect box. 4½ x 3 cm.  DKH12b: Price: € 3.00. Same deck, sligthly used, in box, 2 jokers, Queen of Diamonds missing (written on a joker).

DKH13  DKH13: Price: €10.00. Same deck as DKH12. Unopened in plast and box.

DKH14a: Turist-serien. Frederiksborg Castle. Price: € 2.00. Worn deck. Linen finish.  No jokers. No box.

DKH14b  DKH14b: Tourist Series. Kronborg Castle. 1950s. Price: € 8.00. Used but nice deck. Linen finish. 1 joker. No box.

DKH15  SOLD DKH15: Colas. 1960s-70s. Price: € 4.00. Advertisement for an Asphalt company. Double deck in leathery box. One deck unused, the other used. Both have three jokers.

DK16 DKH16: Tourist-series, Kronborg. Price: € 2.00. The company Handa in all published 10 decks with tourist motifs = Danish castles and the like. Most are from the 50s. The design was of three different kinds, + several variations. This is with the standard Handa pattern. 52 cards, no joker, no box, worn.

  DKH17a: Patience. No.56. Ca.1955. Price: € 30.00. Mint deck in box. 2 jokers. Golden corners. 6,5 x 4,2 cm. Printed by Genechten, Belgium. DKH17b: Price: € 3.00. Same deck, used, Ace of Spades repaired, 9 of clubs missing. 2 jokers, in nice box.

DKH18  DKH18: OMO TaedPlus. ca.1987. Price: € 8.00. Unopened deck advertising for washing powder.  

DKH19b  DKH19: Royal Playing Cards. L’Hombre. Nr.150. Ca. 1950. Price: € 20.00. The similar whist deck is not common, and this L’Hombre version is quite rare. USed deck, but nice. 40 cards, complete, in good blue box. Pips: A, K, Q, J.

  DKH20: Denmark. Playing Cards. Fournier. Ca.1970. Price: € 20.00. Photos on all cards. 52 + 1 picture joker. Complete. No box. Unused.  

DKH22  DKH22: Bridge. Starcard. No.444. Price: € 6.00. Unused deck in box. Three jokers. Newer version.

DKH23  DKH23: Bridge. Export. No.444. Before 1963. Price: € 5.00. Advertisement for the rendering plant “Nordsjællandd Aut. Detsruktionsanstalt”, closed in 1963. Used deck in much worn box, 3 jokers complete

  SOLD DKH24: Starcard. L’Hombre.  Export No.444. Price: € 10.00. Almost unused cards, in nice box. 40 cards, complete.

SOLD DKH25: Bridge Club Playing Cards. No.144. ca.1955. Price: € 6.00. This deck with no box misses K, Q, Jack of Hearts, so the price may seem high, – but the back pattern No.144 is very unusual. Apart from the deck in my own collection, I have never seen it before. Slightly used cards, 2 jokers.

DK54  DKH26: H. C. Andersen. Fairy Tales. 1955. Price: € 140.00. Unused deck in slightly worn box. 52 + 2 jokers + blank, complete. 

DKH27  DKH27: H. C. Andersen. Fairy Tales. 1955. Price: € 60.00. Used deck, but with no breaks or bends. Two illustrated jokers (the blank is missing). No box.

DKH28  DKH28: H.C.Andersen. Fairy Tales. Ca.1955-58. Price: € 30.00. Much used and dirty deck. No jokers, no box. The Queen of Diamonds has been switched with the Queen from a set similar to .DKH27

DK66 DKH29a1: Petit. Ivory surface. L’Hombre. Nr.1002. 40 cards complete. 8,9 x 5,9 cm.. Red deck, Price: € 4.00. Worn cards with small rifts and breaks. …….. DKH29a2: Blue reverse in very good condition. Price: € 10.00 SOLD

DK54 DKH29a: [Petit. Ivory surface Whist. Nr.1001]. Price: € 4.0052 cards complete, used/worn, no box.

  DKH29b: Petit L’Hombre. Ivory surface. Nr.1002. Price: € 2.00. 40 cards. A used deck (not the shown deck), in box. NOTE: The Queen of Hearts is missing DKH29b1: Price: € 6.00. Same deck, blue reverse, in box. Used but nice. DKH29b2: Price: € 4.00 Same deck, blue reverse, used in torn box.

petit DKH29c: Petit. Ivory surface. Bridge. Nr.111x. Price: € 2.00 /each  Two decks. Blue with two jokers, red with one joker. Both decks are much worn and in defect boxes..

DK30 DKH30: Patience. Price: € 6.00 Patience-deck from before 1949 as can be seen by the green tax stamp on the Ace of diamonds. Size 6,2 x 4,2 cm. The cards are yellowed, but nice.  52 cards, no box. I have both a blue and a red deck.

DKH31a  DKH31b  DKH31: Whist. 1944. Price: € 10.00. There are only SIX cards. The deck with a red reverse I bought in 2007, and in 2015 I found these six cards with a blue reverse. BUT now I have found a full blue deck (for  my own collection). This is the first edition/version ever of Handa. Rare, rare, even though “only” from 1944! Much worn.

DKH32  DKH32: Whist. 1944. Price: € 40.00. First edition. Much used with many bends and a single break. 52 cards, complete. No box.

DKH33  DKH33: Patience. Ca.1945-49. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck. The early edition where the King of Clubs wears an axe, 1 joker and one blank. Green tax stamp = before1949. No box. Size: 6,2 x 4,1 cm.

DSC06730 DKH35: Royal. Whist. Price: € 3.00. From the beginning of the 50s. Two jokers missing. Worn deck in broken box. Not that easy to find.    

DKH37  DKH37: Bridge. No.49. 1950s. Price: € 12.00. The second generation of the Handa standard picture. No.49 is somewhat rare, probably because many of them were used with an advertising back like this one Used deck. The 3 of Diamonds has been repaired. 52 cards + 1 blank card. A joker is missing. Badly damaged box.

DKH38  DKH38: Empire/Imperial. Ca.1960. Price: € 5.00. Used deck. No box. No jokers.  

DKH43a: Avsteens Spillekort. L’Hombre,   Nr.201. Price: € 10.00. Complete with 40 cards, in box with a torn lid. Used but nice. . The design is the Handa version from 1950’s, but in an unusual box. To whom was it produced? Who is Avsteen? Who is WA, and who is K.S.I. as printed at the bottom of the box. DKH43b: Same deck, same price, same description, but yellow/golden reverse. #

DKH44  DKH44: Smith’s Playing Cards. [No.666]. 1950s. Price: € 10.00. This is seemingly a quite normal deck, but the combination of No.666 and ONLY two pips (not four) is actually not common. Used deck, 52+2 jokers, no box. Four of Hearts is missing.

DKH45  DKH45: Playing Cards. Bridge. No717. 1950s. Price: € 15.00. Used deck, but not much. In box. Linen-structure. One joker only. This is the earlier version with smaller pips.

DKH46  SOLD DKH46: Playing Cards. Bridge. No717. 1950s. Price: € 10.00. Used deck in worn box. Linen-structure. 52 + 2 jokers, complete. This is the earlier version with smaller pips. The Ten of Spades is repaired.

DKH47  DKH47: Bridge Canasta. 717. Late 1950s. Price: € 20.00. Mint deck, with golden corners, in box, 52 + 2 jokers complete. The “newer” version. Linen-structure (Laerred)

DKH50  DKH50: Standard Pattern. Conair. Price: € 1.00. Used deck, two jokers, no box.

DKH51  DKH51: Standard Pattern. 60-70s. Price: € 4.00. Slightly used, in plast box. 2 jokers. #

DKH52  DKH52: Standard Pattern. Luxury version. 60-70s. Price: € 4.00. Used deck, but not worn. No joker. In original plast box.

  DKH53: Sterling Airlines. 1960s. Price: € 8.00. Slightly used deck, in plast box. Three jokers. 

DK55 DKH55: DFDS. Danish Playing Cards, No.1001. Price: € 3.00. Deck from the 50s. 52 worn cards, in worn box.

 DKH63a: Axel Ørn. 1965. Price: € 20.00. Special product, privately designed by the artists son Niels Ørn, printed by Handa. It came with either a red or a black reverse, in very limited amount. All cards are illustrated by the artist. Unused deck, no box, 1 joker. 

DKH63b  DKH63b: Axel Ørn. 1965. Price: €25.00. Special product, privately designed by the artists son Niels Ørn, printed by Handa. It came with either a red or a black reverse, in very limited amount. All cards are illustrated by the artist. Unused deck, no box, 2 jokers DKH63c RED or DKH63d black. € 30.00. Same deck in box. Unused..

  DKH64: Patience de Luxe. No.50. Ca.1955. Price: € 4.00. Used deck in dirty box without lid. One joker only (1 missing). Size: 6,3 x 4,3 cm.

  DKH65: Patience de Luxe. No.50. Ca.1960? Price: € 8.00. Unused deck in box, 3 jokers, complete. Probably printed in Belgium. Size: 6,3 x 4,3 cm.

DSC00308 DKH66: Baby Size. Probably from the 60s. Price: € 1.00. Patience. Probably printed in Belgium. 8 of Spades and the King of Hearts is missing. No box. Used.

DKH67  DKH67: Patience de Luxe. No.50. Ca.1955. Price: €8.00  Non-Danish print. A, K, Q, J. Slightly used deck, in slightly used box. 3 jokers + a blank.  

DKH DKH87a: Det Forenede Dampskibsselskab. No.1001. Price: € 1.00 Two different versions. Left deck, worn and no box, no jokers. Right deck SOLD. DKH87c:  Price: € 6.00.  I also have an unused deck in original wrapper, unopened, – so I do not know which version it is. 

DSC01131 DKH95: Luxus Salon Kort. No.99. Price: € 1.00 / EachGreen deck, A,K,Q,J, very much worn, in box, no jokers. Brown deck, E,K,D,B, much worn, no box, no jokers. 

DKH98: The Star Card. No.413. Price: € 5.00 I have a deck with red back, in and one with blue reverse (not the shown). Both are unused and in box. Probably printed in East Germany = before 1989. Three jokers.  DKH98a: Price: € 2.00. Slightly used deck, no jokers, no box.  

omvend-rd DKH114: Danish Souvenir Series. The Amalienborg Castle. The Royal Guard. Ca.1955.  Price: € 40.00. Rare deck belonging to the Tourist Series. Rare, because the Queen of Diamonds is REVERSED (see DK95 and DK102). The deck is unused. Two jokers. English pips A, K, Q, J. No box (it is in a box for Rosenborg Castle).  

handa-99x DKH123: Nr.99x. Price: € 20.00. Unused deck. 1 joker. No box. Pips are the English A, K, Q, J. BUT: The special thing is, that there are only two pips. That is fairly rare.

empire DKH125: Exclusive Empire. Ca.1980. Price: € 6.00. I have two decks, one with this red reverse, and one with a similar blue reverse. Unused cards in nice box. 2 jokers and a text card. Printed by Carta Mundi. Danish Design. 

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