Dondorf (DO)

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DO09: Carreras Ltd. Ca.1910-30. Price: € 40.00. 36 cards, complete, no box (of course – it was cigarette inserts). Used, but all in OK condition. Narrow version: 3,6 x 6,8 cm.   
  DO10a: Wahrsagekarte. No.1. Variante 3. Ca.1910-33. Price: € 100.00. Almost mint, with golden edges, 36 cards, complete, in used box. With leaflet in German. Danish tax stamp from before 1918.
  DO10b: Wahrsagekarte. No.2. Ca.1878-1933. Price: € 50.00. Used deck, but with no breaks or bends, and hardly any smudges. 36 cards, complete. Much worn box. No instruction leaflet.
  DO11: Cartes pour Dames. Patience-Karte Vier-Erdteile. Ca.1918. Price: € 100.00Used deck with smudges and yellowing here and there, but no serious rifts or breaks. No box. Seven of Spades is missing, which is written on the joker. A joker was added to the deck about 1920, – but the violet Danish tax stamp came ca. 1918.
  DO12: Neue Klubkarte. 1926-30. Price: € 20.00. Worn deck, no box, Queen of Spades is missing, with the 1 joker.
DO13  DO13: Salonkort. Price: € 2.00. Produced for the Danish market. Used deck in worn box. 52 cards and 1 joker (3 jokers missing!)
  DO14: Royal Bridge. Ca.1944-45. Price: € 25.00.  This decks was produced for the Danish market in a box especially for Denmark.  Mint. 52 cards + 2 jokers + blank. With the patent number 744-755-44

  DO20: INCOMPLETE. Shakespeare Spielkarten. 1902-17. Price: € 40.00.   Missing: Queen of Clubs, Jack of Hearts and Ace of Spades, and there are only 14 number-cards. No jokers, no text card. Unused, no box. Purple, Danish tax stamp on the Ace of Diamonds. Before 1918.    

  DO23: Schweizer Trachten. Whist. No.174. 1906. Price: € 80.00. Until 1906 this version came with only 52 cards, from 1906 it came with this size of the pips. Almost unused deck, nice golden corners, the box is worn, but original.  

  DO24: Baronesse. Patience. Ca.1920. Price: € 1.00. Much worn deck, no box. Many breaks and bends. Ace of Spades and Jack of Clubs missing + a few pip-cards.

TY25-1091 DO25a: Club-Karte. L’Hombre. No.109. Price: € 20.00. Bluish back with maple leaves. published between 1918 and 1928. Complete with 40 cards. No Pips. Used deck, in box without lid.

  DO25b: Whist-Karten. No.134. Price: € 25.00. Bluish back with maple leacves, published between 1918 and 1928. Complete with 52 cards. No Pips. Slightly used deck, in box without lid and one side..

TY26-1092 DO26: Club-Karte. L’Hombre. No.109. Price: € 20.00. Rusty red back with maple leaves. Published between 1918 and 1928. Complete with 40 cards. No pips. Used deck, in box without lid.    

DO30: Standardbild.Price: € 1.00. Older deck, worn. Missing King and Ace of Hearts plus Jack of Clubs. 

TY34 DO34a: Marguerittes. Price: € 1.00/each. Three decks with the standard picture. Used. With and without box. No. 124, No.122, and unknown no. 

    DO37: Fine L’Hombre Kort. No.123. Price: € 2.00 / each. Slightly used. Nice boxes. Danish text for tehe Danish market.

  DO39a: Fine Bridge Kort. No.124. Price: € 3.00.  Mint deck in box. 54 cards, complete. DO39b: Price: € 3.00 Same deck.Blue, in unopened wrapping.

  DO40a: Bridge Kort. No.3A. Price: € 5.00. Mint deck for the Danish market. 53 cards, complete, in box. DO40b: Price: € 5.00.  Similar deck, with blue reverse.    

TY52 DO52a: Club-Karte No.148. Before 1918. Price: € 10.00. 52 cards, in a wholly defect box, with 4,5 mm pips. Worn and yellowed cards.   

TY57 DO57: Club-Karte No.146. 1918-28. Price: € 15.00. 52 cards, no box. The cards have many smudges and spots, but has a good hard feel to them. Pips 4½ mm.   

TY62 DO62: Club-Karte [No.168]. Price: € 15.00. Published between 1918 and 1920 (Green tax stamp – no joker). Used cards, yellowed and somewhat smudged, but with no tears. 52 cards, no box. TY62a: Price: € 10.00. Same deck, from between 1929 and 1933. 52 used cards. Queen of Hearts misses a corner. No joker. Worn box without lid.

  DO63c:  Price: € 15.00. Same as DO63a but more used   .

 DO86: Club-Karte, No.109, 1902-12. Price: € 15.00. First printed in 1902. As there are no pips, then it is from before 1912. Worn deck in box without lid.

 DO87: Club-Karte, No.109, 1902-12. Price: € 45.00. First printed in 1902. As there are no pips, then it is from before 1912. Purple Danish tax stamp. Slightly used deck in slightly worn box.

 DO88: Club-Karte, No.109, 1902-12. Price: € 45.00. First printed in 1902. As there are no pips, then it is from before 1912. Purple Danish tax stamp. Slightly used deck in almost perfect box.  

TY90 DO90a: Club-Karte, No.110, 1912-18. Price: € 25.00. With pips of 3-4 mm, therefore after 1912, and with purple Danish tax stamp, therefore before 1918. 40 used, but nice cards (NOT the picture). Worn box with a loose lid.

TY92 DO92a: Club-Karte, No.110, 1924-28. Price: € 15.00. With 6mm pips = after ca.1924, – and the production ceased in 1928. Vague green tax stamp. Used deck. Box without lid and a rift along the side. 40 cards for lhombre. NOT THE SHOWN DECK.

TY93 DO93: The Four Continents. Club-Karte, No.110. 1902-12.  Price: € 100.00. This variant, No.6a, was printed after 1902. Comlete with 40 cards for lhombre. No pips = before 1912. The deck seem almost unused and the box is nice. Ace of Diamonds with a nice Danish tax stamp.

don-109 DO94a: Club-Karte. No.109. 1902-18. Price: € 90.00.  Illustrated aces. Slightly used deck in sligthly used box. The Danish tax stamp depicts the period before 1918.

clubkart190212 DO94b: Club-Karte, No.133, 1902-12. Price: € 70.00. With illustrations on the aces. Used deck in a box without lid.

 DO94c: Club-Karte, No.133. 1926-28. Price: € 100.00This version (with a joker) was only printed 1926-28. Slightly played deck with golden corners. Worn box with a repaired lid. Nice Danish tax stamp.

TY96 DO96a: Club-Karte. No.129. Price: € 35.00. Deck from before 1918 (PINK Danish tax stamp). Used deck, but still with the golden corners. Worn box, but still nice. DO96b: Price: € 35.00. Same deck as DO96a, but with a red reverse like DO97. Used deck, but still with traces of the golden corners. Worn, but nice box. DO96c: Price: € 15.00. From before 1920. Used deck. 52 cards. No box.

DO97: Club-Karte. No.129. Before 1920. Price: € 25.00. This design was out of use after 1920. Used deck, but good condition. Sligtly worn box. No Danish tax stamp. 

TY104  DO104b: Mignon. No.7426. 1918-33. Price: € 10.00. An unused deck in box with the originial silken paper. Nice green tax stamp, and tax label with 2 Kr. = 1942-49 + Copenhagen. Do104c: Price: € 1.00. As above. Worn deck in worn box. BD on the 7 of Hearts, three jokers. 

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