16: Børnekort

Adolph Holst. Børnespillekort No.1
The producer behind this deck has hitherto been unknown, – and it has “always” been a riddle, why 16-08 was named A.H.2, in many varieties, – because: Where was No.1?? Now solved. This deck was bought as new in Copenhagen in 1938, so that is as close as can be to a production year.
ah1 ah14 ah13 ah12
Unknown producer
Published ca.1930. Size: 2,9 x 4, cm. Blue diagonal lines or thin green vertical lines on the reverse. Solely black/red colours, or also blue/yellow. The thickness of the cardboard varies, as does the colour.
16-041 16-042
Danske Børnespillekort. S.P.I. 623
Published ca.1940/50. The same pictures as Parti No.1, 15-04 fra Genechten. All courts are alike = Spades in 15-04. SIze: 4,3 x 3,0 cm. It comes with square or rounded corners. With broad or narrow white/red diamond lines. The paper wrapping is with the Jack of Spades, but also found with the king. The thin-line version has a band with S.P.I.623, – the broad lines have none such.
Adolph Holst. A. H. No.2
Publishe from ca. 1950 an onwards. Tere are these varieties: 1. Blue or red reverse. 2. Round or square corners. 3. AKDB or EKDB, 4. Frame on all cards or only around KDB. 5. Pips placed below on all cards OR above, except on KDB.
Medova The. Ca.1940