Øvrige (OV) / Various


dsc02471 dsc02472 OV07: Finland. Åbo Slott. 1938-51. Price: € 80.00. Unopened deck  with the printer’s seal. Probably: 52 cards + joker + blank. Printed by Åbo Stentryckeri. Nice box. Green reverse.

RESERVERET OV08: Finland. Åbo Slott. Price: € 2.00. ONLY 48 cards, misses 9 of Diamonds, 2 of Spades, Ace and 9 of Hearts. Much worn. No box.

dsc02469 OV09: Finland. Åbo Slott. 1952-71. Price: € 25.00. Printed by Åbo Stentryckeri. 52 cards + joker + 1 blank. Slightly used in nice box. Finnish tax stamp on the Ace of Diamonds. Green reverse.

  OV10: Monaco. Presage International. Ulysses a vau-de-ville. The james Joyce Cards. 1989. Price: € 50.00. Unused single deck (it was also produced as a double deck) In box. With leaflet. Illustrations on all cards.

ØV12 OV12: San Marino. Borg. Price: € 1.00. Printed in Trieste, Italy. 52 used cards, no box.

ØV13 OV13: Monaco. Grimaud. Price: € 2.00. Deck produced by the French firm Grimaud, showing the palace of Prince Rainier (and Grace Kelly). 52 + 2 unused cards, in box.

ØV14 OV14: Unknown, Price: € 1.00. I do not recognize the motif, which may be from Spain, or a tourist island? A car could indicate the 60s or 70s? Used cards, 2 jokers, no box.

DSC07916 OV15: Russia. Price: € 4.00. Town insignias from the whole of Russia. Unused in box.

OV16: Street Boys. Price: € 5.00. Unknown producer. Football players on all cards, in four series of 13 each. Two special jokers. Unused deck in box.

ØV17 OV17: Aboriginals. Hudson, Melbourne, Australia. Price: € 4.00. Not quite new. Worn, two jokers, no box.

ØV18 OV18: Russia Jubilee-deck, 1967. Price: € 5.00. Unused, with red center, 50 + 2 jokers + blank card. Worn box. OBS: King and Ace of Hearts are missing.

DSC06108 OV19: Cars. Price: € 2.00. Double deck in plast box. Produced in Hong Kong. Unused.

  OV20: Mexico. Cartas Psicoanaliticas / Psychoanalytical Cards. Design by Faustino Vazquez. 1963. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck in worn and stained box. 52 cards. Instruction paper in Spanish and English.

  OV22: Schweiz. Richard Aeschlimann. Ca.1974. Price: € 60.00. Unused deck. Gross Erotic. 36 cards, complete. No box. Ask perhaps for more pictures, which I will mail directly. Size: 11 x 7 cm.

OV23a: Schweiz. Opti Piquet. No.11150. AGMüller. Ca.1975. Price: € 3.00Unused deck in box. 36 cards. Complete. OV23b: Piquet de Luxe. No11114.  Price: € 3.00. Same deck as shown, but with blue back.    

RESERVERET OV24: Bulgaria. UnicArt. From Bulgaria 55 Views. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck in box. Three jokers. Photos on all cards.

 OV25: Czech Republic. 2016. Three decks. 1(left). Price: € 3.00. Quartett, unused. 2. SOLD.  3(right) CSHK. Price: € 8.00. Only 500 decks printed. Unused in box.

OV26: Hungary. Édesviz Kiadó. 1998. Price: € 6.00. Oracle deck. 24 cards, complete, in box. Unused.

   OV27: Hungary. Civertan Studio. Price: € 600. Unused deck. 32 cards. No box.

  OV28: Brazil. Litoarte. Baralho Turístico. 1988/89. Price: € 10.00. Slightliy used deck, in worn box. Two jokers and one calendar for 1989. Photos on all cards.

  OV29: Australia. Queen’s Slipper. 500. Price: € 10.00. Older version of this deck. With 62 cards, complete + 1 joker and an instruction sheet. Observe COMPLETE= There are 4 cards of 11 and 12, but only 2 cards of 13

ØV30a OV30: Canada. Price: € 2.00. 52 cards with photos on all. Covering the whole of Canada. No box. Used.   

RESERVERET OV31: Finland. Vesipuisto. Ca. 1980. Price: € 25.00. Unused deck. No box. 52 + 2 jokers + blank.

  OV32: Schweiz. AGMüller. JASS De Luxe. No.10001. Price: € 10.00. Unused deck in box. 36 cards, complete.

ØV34  ØV34a OV34: Caspari, N.Y./Zürich. Price: € 6.00. Double deck in original box. Unused. Printed by Carta Mundi. Reverse with Novus Atlas 1647-62.  

DSC01065 OV36: Canada. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck in original box. 

   OV37a: Single cards. Price: € 15.00. 22, used,  single cards with women on advertising. Most of the from the 1930-40s. Among them an early advertisement for Coca Cola.

OV37b: Single cards. Price: € 8.00. 24 singles (three duplicates) with especially Art Deco-style = 1930-40s.

ØV38OV38: Greece. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck in unopened plastic. Photos on all cards.

ØV40 OV40: Greece. Price: € 2.00. Mint cards in box. 54 cards with photos on all of them.

ØV41 OV41. Russia. Fish. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck with fishes on all cards. In box.  

ØV43OV43: M.C. MASpak. Price: € 2.00. Unknown producer to me. Perhaps Poland? Poor colouring but pretty back. 52 cards, unused, no box.


 OV44: Medimpex, Budapest, Hunghary. 1959. Price: € 150.00. This is an extremely rare deck, in spite of it “only” being less than 60 yars old. But it was printed in a limited edition, and it is with very very beautiful pictures in art deco-style, and furthermore tied up with medicinal plants. This deck is unused. With a fairly nice box, one blank card, and no joker.

ØV45 OV45: Curacao. Price: € 1.00. Double deck in plast box. Unused. Printed in Hong Kong.

OV46: Canada. Montreal. Stag. Ca.1930-40. Price: € 2.00/eachIt is a bit rare in Europe to see playing cards from Canada. Here are two decks, both much worn and in worn boxes, each with a joker. DKr.20 each.  

OV48: S. A. Müller & Cie. No.140. Ca.1960-70. Price: € 12.00. Patience deck. Unused, in box, 2 jokers and 2 blanks.

  OV49: Schweiz. Müller & Co. Patience. Ca.1925. Price: € 35.00. Double deck, patience, in original box, used, but wih no breaks or bends. Still with golden corners. 2 x 52 cards.

ØV48OV51: Unknown. € 1.00. I don’t know the origin of this deck. 52 used cards, no box.

ØV52 RESERVERET OV52: Good Luck from Rhodes. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck. Printed in Greece. In box.

DSC01211 OV53: OTK. Prag, Tjekkoslovakiet. Pris: Kr.80.00. Ældre tjekkisk spil, med papagtige kort. Slidt æske, ubrugte kort.

DSC01210 OV54: OTK. Prag, Tjekkoslovakiet. Pris: Kr.50.00. Klassisk tjekkisk spil. Glatte fine kort. Defekt grøn æske, ubrugte kort. Ryggen er med blå skråstriber.

scan0004OV56: Tjekkiet. Piatnik. 1998. Pris: Kr.30.00. Ubrugte kort trykt af Piatnik, ingen æske, ingen joker. Alle billedkort med personer fra Tjekkiets historie

DSC01242 OV57: Rusland. 1994. Pris: Kr.80.00. Russiske kort, ubrugte i æske. Ifl. skrift på flappen er de købt i Letland 1994. To jokere og to kalendere for 1995. Russian deck, unused in box. According to a note on the flap, the deck was bought in Lithuania in 1994. Two jokers two calendars fro the year 1995.

DSC01241 OV58: Russisk kabale. Pris: Kr.70.00. Et dobbeltspil i en enkel papæske. Små kort til kabale. Det ene spil i uåbnet plast. Begge spil ubrugte. Ifl. skrift på flappen er de købt i Letland 1994. Russian patience cards, double deck in a simpel cardboard box. One deck in unopened plast. Bot deck unused. According to a note on the flap, the decks are bought in Lithuania in 1994. 

 OV61: Russia. 1992. Price: Kr.80.00. Sligthly used deck. Two jokers. Two calendars for 1992. In box. Let brugt spil. To jokere. To kalendere for 1992. I æske.  

dsc01824 OV68: Joker, Buenos Aires, Brasilien. No.35. Pris: Kr.30.00. Spillet her er produceret i Vitoria, Spanien, men stemplet og trykt TIL Brasilien. 40 kort komplet. Stort set ubrugte, – i slidt æske. Deck produced i Vitoria, Spain, but stamped and printed FOR Brazil. 40 cards complete. Almost unused, – in worn box.

dsc01826 OV71: Pikety 1, Prag, Tjekkiet. Pris: Kr.40.00. Beregnet til spillet piquet. Med de såkaldte ‘Østrigske’ billeder. 32 kort, komplet, ubrugt i æske.

dsc01825 OV72: Obchodni Tiskarny, Praha, 1989. Pris: Kr.200.00. Kort udgivet i 150året for jernbanernes historie i landet. 32 kort komplet, ubrugte, ingen æske. Published at the occasion of 150 years of railways in the country. 32 cards, complete, unused, nobox. (2).

dsc01827 OV73: Dohany-es Ajandekbolt, Ungarn. Vallalat. Nr.27910. Pris: Kr.15.00. Ungarsk spil. Ubrugt. Ingen æske. 32 kort komplet. Jeg har to spil.

dsc01828 OV74: Ungarn. Nr.27904. Pris: Kr.15.00. Ungarsk spil. Ingen æske. 32 kort komplet + et blankt kort.

scan0001 OV76: Schweiz. Jass-kort. Price: € 4.00. Older deck, complete with 36 cards, no box.

  OV77: Schweiz. Jass. AGMüller. Ca.1974. Price: € 5.00. Unused deck with folded wrapper. No box.

dsc02459 OV78 Schweiz. Jass de Luxe. No.11106. AGM. Price: € 3.00. Unused deck, in box with a rift in the lid.

dsc02458 OV79: Schweiz. Jass. Deutsches Bild. Price: € 2.00. Unused deck in box.

dsc02464 OV80: Schweiz. Jass.  Price: € 1.00/each. Two unused decks, no box.

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